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  • iPhone users complain iOS 11 slows down their apps

    Apple is catching some heat over the release of the new iOS 11. A litany of iPhoneusers are reporting experiencing a significant drop in performance after updating to the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. The issues range from reduced battery life to noticeably slower app performance, according to numerous posters on Reddit. Among other things, users are complaining that apps either […]

  • LinkedIn profiles are coming soon to your Microsoft work apps

    Microsoft wants to grow your LinkedIn network with everyone you collaborate or converse with, so it’s adding ‘Profile Cards’ to its Office 365 apps for making quick connections. The new feature, which will surface your contacts’ LinkedIn profiles in Microsoft services starting next month, should make it easier to learn about who you’re working with, whether they’re your colleagues […]

  • Apple TV temporarily shows up on Amazon store, ending two-year feud

    Apple and Amazon’s long streaming fued appears to nearly be over. After Amazon removed the Apple TV and Chromecast from its online store two years ago, it returned to selling at least the former. Well, it did for a while – 9to5Mac spotted a listing for the Apple TV 4k on Amazon earlier today, but it seems to have disappeared once more. I imagine […]

  • Chrome plugin exploited Tinder privacy bug to track your friends’ location

    Remember Tinder Social – the group meeting feature that got the popular dating app in trouble for outing its users to their Facebook friends? It turns out that, in addition to this, Social had another glaring privacy issue that made it possible for Tinder users to track their Facebook friends – and see their exact location. To demonstrate […]

  • Snapchat gets a chocolatey version of Pac-Man thanks to Reese’s

    You can now play Pac-Man right in Snapchat, but you’ll have to go through an ad to do it. Reese’s, of Peanut Butter Cup fame, for some reason decided to introduce a Pac-Man themed game to the platform. It’s a marketing move, of course, but I can’t complain about yet another way to play Pac-Man. […]

  • Facebook activates Safety Check after Las Vegas shooting

    Facebook activated its Safety Check feature today after a mass shooting in Las Vegas, where gunman Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and left 515 others injured. Soon after the incident, Facebook allowed users in the area to mark themselves safe – letting those who weren’t present to check on the status of their family and […]

  • Purism is one step closer to launching its privacy-focused phones

    After making the news with its secure Linux-based laptops that have been selling relatively well over the past year, Purism has now reached its $1.5 million funding goal for developing its Librem 5 smartphone. The device promises total protection of your privacy, thanks to custom hardware, support for Linux-based software platforms (including PureOS), and features like end-to-end encrypted communications as well […]

  • Android users report notifications for Google’s Inbox are not working

    You might want to stay away from Google’s Inbox app for Android if you’re waiting on an important email – it turns out the software is suffering from a technical issue that is causing delays in notifications for new emails. A litany of miffed users have taken to the Google support forums and Reddit to complain that the latest version […]

  • WhatsApp ditches Apple’s emoji to unveil its own unnecessary alternative

    WhatsApp will no longer rely on Apple for its emoji: The Facebook-owned company has introduced its own set of emoticons – that nobody asked for. The new designs are currently available in the latest beta version of the app for Android, according to Emojipedia which first spotted the change. Up until now, the popular messenger used the Apple emoji set on […]

  • Instagram realizes its potential for impulse shopping

    Instagram is becoming friendlier to retailers and shoppers by partnering up with ecommerce sites such as Shopify and Bigcommerce. With the new tools it’s introducing, you can buy products advertised on a company’s Instagram page within seconds of seeing them. Businesses which wanted to take advantage of the platform’s visual appeal to sell products were hampered […]