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  • How to Keep Your Mac and Apps Up To Date

    Keeping your Mac up-to-date may seem like a chore, but it’s an essential part of protecting yourself online. Apple and app developers patch security holes when they’re found—and they add helpful new features to macOS and your applications, too. Beyond the usual security patches and app updates, Apple offers shiny new versions of macOS to […]

  • Q&A: Is there a surcharge for using a phone with Wi-Fi instead of 4G?

    Question from Debby G.:  A couple of months ago I bought my first smartphone. I absolutely love it, but I got a huge bill yesterday because they said I went over my monthly data allotment by several gigabytes. I do watch a lot of videos every day, but I didn’t realize it would cause me to […]

  • How to capture a screenshot of an entire web page in Chrome without scrolling

    Have you ever needed to create a screenshot of an entire web page, but the page was too long and/or wide to fit in the browser window? If so, you probably had to “capture” the current contents of the screen, scroll to display more of the page, “capture” that part of the page to a […]

  • Scam alert: How to identify fraudulent or otherwise dangerous websites

    Let’s face it – we live in “interesting” times. Fraudulent, fake and untrustworthy websites are all over the Internet these days, and it’s easy to find yourself on one without even realizing it. According to Internet Live Stats there are currently close to two billion websites on the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, not all of them are legitimate. With all […]

  • How to quickly retrieve a forgotten Wi-Fi password using your Windows PC

    I receive dozens of questions every week from readers of the “Tech Q&A” section of this blog, and one of the questions I get fairly often is “How do I retrieve a forgotten Wi-Fi password?”. It’s very easy to forget your Wi-Fi password if your devices store it and log you into the network automatically. […]

  • Always try this first when your computer starts acting weird

    Have you ever been using your computer and had it start acting strange for no apparent reason? I’m sure you probably have because it happens all the time. For example, just the other day my Internet connection shut down and it simply refused to re-establish a connection. A couple of days later the speakers just […]

  • Here’s a super-fast way to save images from a web page

    Have you ever seen a photo or screenshot on a web page that you wanted to save to your PC for some reason? I’m sure you probably have. Most people do it like this: 1 – Right-click on the image you wish to save. 2 – Click Save  picture as… 3 – Navigate to the folder where you […]

  • Govt opens Sydney cyber threat sharing centre

    Fourth to come online. The federal government has officially opened a new public-private cyber threat sharing centre in Sydney, its fourth to go live across the country. The national network of centres was promised under the government’s cyber security strategy released in 2016. The initiative is being led by CERT Australia within the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). […]

  • Health breached privacy law in open data bungle: OAIC

    Findings of investigation released. The federal Health department breached privacy law when it released a botched dataset that allowed for the re-identification of patients, Australia’s privacy commission has found. In December researchers from the University of Melbourne revealed they were able to easily re-identify patients from the data without using decryption methods. Health had released the supposedly de-identified […]