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  • CES 2015: LifeProof and Scosche say it’s OK to play in the water

    A couple of announcements out of Las Vegas seem to be telling those of us with iOS devices that it’s going to be OK to play in the water this year. Both LifeProof and Scosche have announced new waterproof goodies at CES 2015 that promise to provide power to your iOS toys while keeping them […]

  • Google’s Inbox: Beginning of the End of Email as We Know It?

    Feel overwhelmed by your email? Google has an app for that. It’s called “Inbox.” Not meant as a Gmail replacement, Inbox is designed to help power users sort and prioritize their mail, important reminders and other alerts on the small screen. “There’s a learning curve involved,” noted Baydin CEO Alex Moore, “because it doesn’t feel […]

  • Dell OEM: The Magic Is in the Mystery

    As we move to wearable devices I think the OEM model that Dell is using could become far more common. I can imagine a future when your PC/tablet/smartphone component is a module that you insert in something you 3D-print in your home, based on a design you created or licensed from the Web. In the […]


    by Victor Davis Hanson Americans now have more computer power in their smart phones than did the Pentagon in all its computer banks just 30 years ago. We board a sophisticated jet and assume that the flight is no more dangerous than crossing the street. The downside of this complete reliance on computer gadgetry is […]

  • Getting Off The “Happy Path”: A Cool Approach To Synthetic Data.

    As developers, most of us first code our solution to data that we know will work.  Some people call this the “happy path” – so I will never use that term again. The better developers will write their test cases first to fail, then provide their code and assert their test which will pass. I […]

  • Point to point integration tips for Salesforce

    Salesforce is an awesome piece of software. It is amazingly extensible and configurable, and I have seen people do amazing thing with it. All of this extensibility and ease of use can be deceiving though, because unlike people’s imaginations, there are some technical limitations. These limitations make it very difficult, or some times impossible, to […]

  • UPS power protection replacement battery

    Protecting expensive computer equipment and delicate electronics are important especially when protecting data. I see it often that small and large businesses alike neglect and ignore that they have obsolete or non functioning UPS’s battery backups plugged in their walls with their expensive computer equipment covered in dust under messy desks or in closets. UPS’s […]

  • How to Disable SSID Broadcast on Your Wireless Router

    Usually when you buy a wireless router and plug it in, there is absolutely no security protection whatsoever. Most of them work right out of the box with only the default password set, do not encrypt data, do not use a network key, and broadcast the SSID publicly. If you’ve found this article, you’re probably trying to figure out how […]

  • Seagate starts shipping 8TB hard drives

    Storage for consumer products including desktop PCs and laptops is going through a shift at the moment. The move is away from traditional hard drives and towards SSDs. Solid-state drives are much faster, much smaller, and much more energy efficient, and their pricing is coming down fast. But they can’t yet compete on storage capacity, […]

  • How to Check if Your VPN Connection is Actually Encrypted

    I recently subscribed to a VPN service for my personal use so that my Internet connection from home is completely encrypted. With all the spying and hacking revelations going on these days, I don’t mind having a little bit of extra security on my side just in case. Once I had installed the software on computer and connected […]

  • Best Windows 8 Tablets in 2014

    These days tablets have become extremely common, they are required in almost just about every profession. Many top-notch brands have launched their tablets in market. Android OS has become kind of old now and current trend is whole new Microsoft Windows 8 which is especially made for tablets and touch screen laptops. Those days are […]

  • Best 13-Inch Laptops in 2014

    Hello to all my loyal readers and sorry for not publishing an article for a while. Anyways, here in this post you’ll read about best 13-inch laptops in 2014 and why I personally chose a 13 inches laptop. I know exactly how touch it gets while buying a new laptop, there are plenty of brands, […]