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  • Two settings to make using the Mac App Store easier

    If you are a frequent shopper at the Mac App Store and are tired of entering your password each time you go to download an app, there are two settings you should know about. Unfortunately, it seems to me you can’t use both at the same time. To find them, open System Preferences, choose App […]

  • Does it make sense to buy a Surface?

    I interrupt your regularly scheduled deal of the day to ask a question. (Sometimes I just like to converse. So save your money today, or just skip down to the bonus deals.) Does it make sense to buy a Microsoft Surface Pro? Or Surface Book? Or an Apple iPad Pro? Or any kind of hybrid […]

  • Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 brings the modular concept to tablets

    Proving that it isn’t afraid to innovate, Lenovo has unveiled a modular tablet with add-on accessories that change the way it functions. The ThinkPad X1 Tablet will launch alongside a trio of accessories, including a battery pack that adds an additional five hours of runtime. There’s also a pico projector that turns the device into a presentation tool, […]

  • Microsoft’s Android app ,‘not going as planned’

    Back at this year’s Build conference, Microsoft said that it will make available tools to port apps from other platforms, including iOS and Android. Now it looks like the Android tool — dubbed Astoria — won’t be available any time soon, if ever. Windows Central is reporting “from multiple sources” that Project Astoria is now […]

  • Windows 10: 7 Default Settings You Should Change Immediately After Install

    Released on July 29, Windows 10 is the newest desktop operating system from Microsoft that is nowrunning on over 110 million devices. It comes with a plethora of useful new features including a revamped Start menu, digital assistant Cortana, and Action Center. Also, in terms of functionality and performance, the new operating system offers substantial […]

  • Vaio surges back into the party with a unique convertible tablet offering

    Down but not out, the now almost-independent computer manufacturer Vaio is ready to make a return to the market with a premium convertible tablet offering not unlike the Surface or iPad Pro. The Vaio Z Canvas marks the first system that will be sold in the United States since the brand mostly split from Sony, […]

  • How Can a File’s Size be Zero?

    We all occasionally run across a ‘situation’ on our computers that leaves us completely baffled, such as a file that has a size of zero, but how is that even possible? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the answers to a confused reader’s question. Today’s Question & Answer session comes to us courtesy of SuperUser—a subdivision […]

  • Confusion Over Windows 10’s ‘Free’ Upgrades

    Late last week, it seemed as if Microsoft was ready to give Windows 10 away for free to virtually anyone with a pulse. In a corporate blog posting that originally went up June 19, Gabe Aul, an engineering general manager for Microsoft’s Operating Systems group, suggested that anyone running the Windows 10 Insider Preview (Home […]

  • Which Online Providers Protect Your Data?

    Which tech companies do the most to safeguard your data? In its fifth annual report (PDF) on online service providers’ privacy and transparency practices, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) gave five-star ratings to Adobe,Apple, Dropbox, Yahoo, WordPress, and a handful of other companies. Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest all received four stars; Google, Slack, […]

  • Apple made it harder for hackers to breach FaceTime and iMessage

    As a means to further secure your digital life, Apple said today that it’s adding two-step verification to FaceTimeand iMessage. That still leaves the likes of iTunes and the Apple website vulnerable to ne’er-do-wells who want to remotely access your sensitive info (and have your password), of course, but now Cupertino’s universal messagingand video chat […]

  • The Lowdown meetings app for iOS is now free and improved

    Lowdown (free) is an intriguing business app that provides briefings on participants and companies you are meeting with, helps you get to the meeting with location information, and tells you when others arrive. When you start you can integrate the app to other services like Linkedin (it’s required to use the app), and Twitter. The […]

  • Custom Keyboard for iOS gives your keyboard a totally new look

    With all of the new iOS 8 keyboard apps, we’re seeing new functions, languages and features.Custom Keyboard (US$0.99) gives the standard iOS keyboard a completely new look based on whatyou want. It’s appearing in the App Store today. Custom Keyboard provides control of backgrounds, colors, fonts, shadows and even animations for key pop-ups. It’s easy […]