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  • StackTech3: 10 topics that need cross-government collaboration

    StackTech is an unconference that brings together technologists from departments across the country. Unlike a traditional conference, attendees pitch ideas on the day and then run sessions. The third StackTech took place at the end of October this year. Summarising an unconference is tricky because it’s an event where thoughts and ideas fly around at breakneck […]

  • LinkedIn profiles are coming soon to your Microsoft work apps

    Microsoft wants to grow your LinkedIn network with everyone you collaborate or converse with, so it’s adding ‘Profile Cards’ to its Office 365 apps for making quick connections. The new feature, which will surface your contacts’ LinkedIn profiles in Microsoft services starting next month, should make it easier to learn about who you’re working with, whether they’re your colleagues […]

  • Uber app can secretly record your iPhone screen thanks to special ‘entitlement’

    A security researcher this week uncovered special permissions in Uber’s app that allow the company to access new screen-recording features in iOS 11. Will Strafach, the researcher that uncovered the “entitlement,” said these features are normally off limits to app developers without special permission from Apple. To his knowledge, Strafach told ZDNet’s Zach Whittaker, Uber is the only third-party app granted such […]

  • BB-9E is the evil BB-8 we never imagined

    So round, so active, so absolutely evil. BB-9E is the literal dark side version of the lovable BB-8 droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s not cute. It’s not happy. This astromech makes angry sounds and has a utterly mysterious story line and purpose, which makes it 10 times more evil. News of the brand new drone […]

  • Pokémon Go finally getting legendary Pokémon soon

    Ever since the launch of Pokémon Go, players have wanted to know when legendary monsters would appear in the game. Now as we’re celebrating the one-year anniversary of the game, that mystery has finally been solved. On July 22nd, Pokémon Go players attending the Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago will be able to unlock the first legendary […]

  • Google feed getting improvements on Android and iOS

    In addition to improving Play Store curation, Google has announced that it’s beefing up another one of its apps. The Google app feed already shows you topics that you’re interested in, and now it’ll be able to reflect your interest in topics, too. For example, if you’re super into video games and a little interested in […]

  • What is 5G and when is it coming to the UK?

    Anyone familiar with 4G wireless connectivity will able to make an educated guess that 5G is set to be a faster, somehow better form of internet access. The promise is that 5G technology will indeed increase data transfer speeds on your phone or tablet. Yet 5G’s potential extends far beyond faster film downloads and streaming. […]

  • Magic Wormhole is a clever way to send files easily and securely

    If you need to transfer a couple hundred megs to a coworker or friend across the country, you aren’t short on options. In fact, options are thick on the ground, and all have their own issues. Don’t you wish you could just speak a few magic words and send stuff directly to them, no intermediate […]

  • Are you using Google Allo?

    Recently, Google unveiled a new feature for one of its messaging apps, Allo, that allows users to create animated cartoon stickers of themselves. It’s a very Google solution to what other apps make really simple, but the end result is actually pretty interesting. Using a selfie you take, Allo will scan the image, use machine […]

  • Samsung avoids the explosive elephant in the room

    Samsung’s big Unpacked event in New York City today was focused squarely on unveiling the new Galaxy S8, but there was a specter hanging over the proceedings: the explosive legacy of the Galaxy Note 7. The fate of the Note 7 is a topic Samsung hasn’t been able to shake, as much as the company […]


    Could artificial intelligence make devices easier to use? According to Samsung, it sure can, and that’s what it the company out to prove with its Bixby AI service. Bixby is being loaded on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones, which were announced on Tuesday. Bixby is an agent that can help the smartphones talk, recommend, […]


    A product manager at Google has sued the company for its allegedly illegal confidentiality agreements, policies and practices that among other things prohibit employees from speaking even internally about illegal conduct and dangerous product defects for fear that such statements may be used in legal discovery during litigation or sought by the government. The alleged […]