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  • Why Video Doorbells Are the Best Smarthome Gadget

    Video doorbells are the most important smarthome device you can buy. Smart light bulbs may be flashy, but—when properly integrated—a video doorbell will become something you can’t live without. They’re incredibly reasonable, too, costing just $99 to $199. If you could only have one smarthome device, you should make it a video doorbell—assuming you can […]

  • Deal Alert: Apple Refurb iPhone Sale

    For those looking to get a deal on an iPhone, Apple may have the deal you’re looking for. Currently Apple has refurbished iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, and iPhone X on sale. The refurb phones offer a savings of anywhere from $50 to $220. Deal Alert: Apple Refurb iPhone Sale About The Deal Apple is offering deals […]

  • Good luck getting Apple AirPods before the holidays

    Apple’s wireless earbuds have been on the market for just over a year now, but they’re shaping up to be one of the biggest tech gifts for this holiday season. In fact, most of the big online retailers appear to have sold out of their stock. Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart’s sites have all been […]

  • Snapchat gets a chocolatey version of Pac-Man thanks to Reese’s

    You can now play Pac-Man right in Snapchat, but you’ll have to go through an ad to do it. Reese’s, of Peanut Butter Cup fame, for some reason decided to introduce a Pac-Man themed game to the platform. It’s a marketing move, of course, but I can’t complain about yet another way to play Pac-Man. […]

  • Keep your iPhone in your pocket and shoot with this little guy instead

    So, here’s a conundrum: You love your iPhone camera, but sometimes, you want to shoot a little more adventurously, say, as you bike down a mountain. You think GoPros are cool enough, but they’re kind of expensive, and well, everyone’s got one. You could let the indecision cripple you and sink slowly into despair. Or, you could check out […]

  • Apple sets iPhone 8 launch date for September 12

    We finally know when Apple will announce the iPhone 8. Apple sent out invites to lucky members of the media and analysts on Thursday afternoon, officially marking September 12, 10 AM PT, as the event date and setting the stage with what should be Apple’s biggest product launch in years. Yes, I got an invite […]

  • Google unveils Advr, an experimental Area 120 project for advertising in VR

    Google today is more formally taking the wraps off its internal incubator, Area 120, with the launch of a dedicated website, alongside the launch of one of the program’s more interesting projects to date: a way to advertise within VR. The new experiment, which is simply called Advr, involves a cube-like ad format which allows video […]

  • Amazon Echo Show offers a necessary element to smart speakers

    When Amazon unveiled the Amazon Echo, a smart speaker that features Amazon’s virtual AI named “Alexa”, the idea caught on quickly. The Echo propelled the idea of a “smart home”, and at a reasonably affordable price to boot. Since then, Amazon has released the cheaper Echo Dot, and even Google joined in with the introduction […]

  • What we know about super villain Elon Musk’s plan to plant AI in your brain

    Elon Musk wants people to willingly implant electrodes in their brains so they might upload and download thoughts, and he’s building a company to make it happen. This is Musk’s latest technological frontier. He’s working on an electric car revolution through Tesla and trying to send people to Mars with SpaceX. Through Neuralink, Musk plans […]

  • Samsung DeX transforms the Galaxy S8 into a legit desktop computer

    The phone as computer companion—or outright replacement—is an idea as old as the smartphone itself. And with today’s faster mobile processors, higher local storage levels and direct access to cloud-based work, the dream is finally a reality. Microsoft obviously should’ve owned this corner of the tech market. It certainly gave it its best shot with […]

  • Apple sues Qualcomm for $1 billion in unpaid rebates, alleges attempted perjury, extortion

    Apple sued Qualcomm today, alleging that the mobile chip giant owes it at least a billion dollars in unpaid rebates and agreements. Apple further states that Qualcomm “attempted to extort Apple into changing its responses and providing false information to the KFTC [Korean FTC] in exchange for Qualcomm’s release of those payments to Apple.” That’s […]