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  • The brains of astronauts change during spaceflight

    At the dawn of human spaceflight, we weren’t even sure people would be able to eat in space. Today, we’ve moved on to bigger questions like, “what happens to your brain in space?” This is what researchers at the University of Michigan wanted to know when they scanned the brains of a few dozen astronauts. […]

  • Stop to smell the virtual roses: why scent could be the next frontier for VR

    By popular demand, the only thing missing from the VR version of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is the smell of rotting corpse. Now even that could change, thanks to the Tokyo-based startup Vaqso that is working to incorporate the sense of smell into virtual reality. In a story about VR haptics a few weeks ago, I surmised that […]

  • Samsung might have just confirmed Bixby, the next ridiculously-named AI assistant

    We’ve gotten used to calling on Siri, Cortana and Google to answer questions, give directions and tell really bad jokes — and it looks like yet another oddly-named digital assistant is about to join the roster. According to a screenshot of the Korean version of Samsung Pay’s beta page captured by SamMobile Monday, Samsung’s upcoming […]

  • Are smartwatches winding down?

    With the coming destruction of Pebble and the announcement by Motorola that it doesn’t “see enough pull in the market to put [a new smartwatch] out at this time,” you would be excused for thinking the smartwatch world is contracting. This is correct, but this is not the end of for wearables. Apple sold 1.1 […]

  • Features Android and iOS Should Borrow From Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Others

    HIGHLIGHTS iOS and Android used to be distinctly different in their early days Of late, they’ve overlapped in terms of features and finish Google and Apple should ‘take some inspiration’ from fading competitors During their infancy, it was very easy to distinguish between Android and iOS. Apple’s mobile operating system was well-designed and easy to […]


    Visa and Mastercard separately announced Thursday they will delay by three years — to Oct. 1, 2020 — the mandated date for implementing chip card payments at millions of automated fuel pumps in the U.S. The move comes after years of concerns by merchants about the implementation of chip cards at payment terminals at millions […]


    The U.S. Army ventured into unfamiliar territory last week, the first day of its “Hack the Army” bug bounty program that challenges dozens of invited hackers to infiltrate its computer networks and find vulnerabilities in select, public-facing Army websites. “We’re not agile enough to keep up with a number of things that are happening in […]

  • DreamLab Is The App That Helps Cure Cancer While You Sleep

    Everyday Australians, curing cancer while we sleep. It might sounds ridiculous, but the genius idea that is DreamLab has just scored a nomination for Research Australia’s Data Innovation Award. Here’s how it works. Vodafone Foundation’s DreamLab app uses the collective processing capacity of smartphones to crunch numbers and compare genetic profiles of tumours. Operating only […]

  • Google will take VR to the streets with Daydream pop-up shop in NYC

    Google is about to double down on virtual reality. Digital Trends learned that the Mountain View, California-based search giant intends to launch virtual reality-focused pop-up events in New York City and other locations around the world from October through December — presumably featuring hardware, peripherals, and software a part of its Daydream platform. We have confirmation now, […]


    After years of making killer software, Google’s next step is to try to integrate it all together into hardware that’s just as impressive. On Tuesday, Google showcased a slew of new productsaiming to replicate Apple’s success when it comes to creating an ecosystem. The high-end Pixel phones feature state-of-the-art cameras and a built-in virtual assistant. […]

  • Apple pushing iOS 10 developer beta 8 and public beta 7 updates

    Another week, another iOS 10 beta. Apple today released iOS 10 beta 8 to developers, as well as iOS 10 Public Beta 7 to public testers. If you fall into either group, you can grab today’s update by going into Settings on your iOS device, then tapping General, and then tapping Software Update. It’s not […]