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  • Sony Xperia XZ, Xperia X Compact shown in leaked images ahead of IFA 2016 reveal

    Sony are expected to take the wraps off of a couple of new Xperia X phones tomorrow, but before they do, some official-looking images of the devices have leaked. Press images of both the Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact have surfaced. The devices look just about what you’d expect from Sony, complete with side-mounted […]

  • See the Zano Camera Nano Drone – This Affordable Mini Drone Takes Amazing Video

    We are living in an age of rapidly advancing technology, especially when it comes to cell phones, now mostly referred to as smart phones. Arguably one of the most popular features of smart phones is the camera, which has led to the staple of the selfie, or taking a picture of yourself. Some even say […]

  • An Introduction to Virtual Reality (VR)

    What is Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality (or VR) is, in the simplest of terms, a simulation of something that doesn’t really exist, in a very real environment. So you can be taking a stroll in 1930 Vienna without actually even leaving your sofa. But to really experience an alternate reality you would like to have some […]

  • Peak Pokémon Go has already passed

    A new report from Axiom Capital Management suggests that Pokémon Go is on a downward trend in daily active users and engagement of those users. The data comes from Sensor Tower, SurveyMonkey, and Apptopia. Additionally, “The Google Trends data is already showing declining interest in augmented reality, whereas interest in virtual reality remains high,” says […]


    PROS Excellent video quality Reliable notifications HomeHealth monitoring can be useful CONS Pricey subscription options No IFTTT or HomeKit No local storage KEY FEATURES Full HD video recording Night vision Location-based alerts Air quality, temperature and humidity monitoring iOS and Android apps 90dB alarm Manufacturer: Canary Review Price: £160.00/$240.00 Canary’s smart home device is more […]


    At Baselworld 2016, Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin showed off a few new limited edition versions of one of our favorite high-end models from the brand which is the Ulysse Nardin Anchor Tourbillon – and it is very cool. Ulysse Nardin won’t be at Baselworld 2017, as the brand recently announced that it along with fellow […]

  • NASA testing helicopter drone to accompany next Mars rover

    NASA is still in the process of planning the 2020 Mars rover mission to follow up on the massive success of the Curiosity rover. While the design of the 2020 mission will be very similar to Curiosity, NASA is looking to improve the suite of instruments and it might even give the rover a little […]

  • iOS 10 reportedly includes a dedicated smart home app

    There’s no shortage of devices that support Apple’s HomeKit platform. However, managing those devices is something of a mess — you typically end up visiting separate apps to control your lighting, security and appliances. You might not have to worry about that when iOS 10 rolls around, though. MacRumors says it spotted an Amazon review […]

  • Vallie helps Londoners get on-demand valet parking fast, using Google Maps APIs

    The idea for Vallie came from a problem that so many Londoners face: finding parking in one of the world’s largest and most congested cities. The Daily Telegraph reportsthat it takes Londoners 20 minutes on average to find a parking spot, and that motorists spend up to 106 days of their lives circling streets to […]

  • Sony India Launches Range of XQD, SD Storage Cards Starting Rs. 3,500

    Sony on Monday launched a range of XQD and SD storage cards and what it says is the world’s first XQD/SD card reader – the MRW-E90. The company also unveiled the QDA-SB1, a USB XQD adapter. It says these cards are meant for professional photographers who work on high-speed DSLR cameras such as Nikon D5 […]

  • Fingerprint Firms Unlocking New Markets Beyond Smartphones

    A tap of a finger could soon suffice to identify credit card shoppers and rail commuters, offering areas of new business for specialist companies which have benefited from the use of such technology in smartphones. Sweden’s Fingerprint Cards (FPC) sees biometric smart cards those using fingerprint identification becoming its fastest growing market as early as […]

  • Americans expect robots to take their work

    The majority of Americans expect robots and computers to take much of the work presently done by humans, according to new results from a Pew Research Center. However, this threat takes a backseat to other concerns, including poor management and lower-cost workers. A combined 65 percent of 2,001 American adults surveyed between June 10 and […]