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  • iPhone 7 case leak appears to confirm the headphone jack is gone

    One of the most prevalent rumours surrounding the iPhone 7 concerns its headphone jack, specifically that it won’t have one in the traditional sense. The Cupertino firm is expected to do away with the 3.5mm port in favour of its own alternative – and the latest leaks support this idea. Twitter tipster @OnLeaks has revealed what […]

  • Google reveals first Android N features

    We still don’t know which sweet treat it will be named after, but Android N’s latest features have been revealed in a developer preview build. Google has given the first hint of how its brand new operating system will change the look and feel of your phone and tablet. First up, we have multi-window view, a […]

  • New 3D printer? Here’s how to create your own printables

    Recently I got the chance to spend some time with a Micro 3D Printer, my first foray into the world of turning a spool of plastic filament into, well, just about anything. I had lots of fun downloading existing designs from sites like Pinshape and Thingiverse, but eventually I wanted to create objects of my […]

  • Rachio’s new sprinkler gadget gets cheaper, adds voice control

    Rachio’s second-generation smart sprinkler controller doesn’t stray too far from the successful formula of the first, the Rachio Iro — you’ll still install it in place of your existing sprinkler controller, where it’ll use local weather and humidity info to help you plan your watering schedule. But small cosmetic changes, new integrations including voice controls […]

  • The Samsung Gear S2 just became even more of an Apple Watch rival

    New Samsung Gear S2 colours and materials have been unveiled, making the Tizen-based wearable even more of an Apple Watch rival. Giving iOS-shunners more smartwatch choice, Sammy has added Platinum and 18K Rose Gold models to its Gear S2 Classic lines that have to date been restricted to a black plastic shell. With dozens of […]

  • The Pirate Bay escapes not allow in its homeland

    The Pirate Bay usually finds itself on the wrong side of internet service provider (ISP) blocking orders, so a recent court decision in its favour comes as a surprise. Although numerous countries have restricted access to the filesharing service, it will remain online in its native Sweden following a Stockholm court ruling. The judge declared that […]

  • A magical case turns your phone into a vibrator

    Activate Siri responsibly. IZIVIBE claims to be the world’s first sex toy that uses a smartphone’s vibration feature to pleasure users. All you need is the phone case and the app. IZIVIBE product manager Remy Waddle tells us that the inspiration behind the phone case was “to imagine an original product, not vulgar, [that is] simple […]

  • Facebook debuts streaming-focused ‘music stories’

    It’s been a while since the world’s largest social network gave any attention to music, but today it’s making another attempt. Facebook introduced a new post format today called “music stories” that allows its users to listen to 30-second previews of songs their friends share from Apple Music or Spotify. People who like what they […]

  • Why might embrace technology in lock-step salary

    When it comes to salaries, many tech companies embrace a meritocratic approach: “rock star” developers can expect lots of cash and perks, while those with similar experience and education—but who perhaps lack the talent and accomplishments—will make less. For those at the top of the heap, such meritocracies are ideal. But for everybody else, the […]

  • Canon’s C300 Mark II cinema camera will cost you $20,000

    More than three years after launching the C300, Canon is refreshing its line of cinema cameras with the C300 Mark II. On the outside, the C300 Mark II is quite similar to its EOS siblings, although it does come with a slightly tweaked design that features a wider body. But the most important changes are […]

  • MacBook review: Apple reinvents the laptop again

    For months, the internet was abuzz with two similar, and somewhat contradictory, Apple rumors. Depending on whom you believed, the famously secretive company was working on either a 12-inch “iPad Pro” or a Retina display MacBook Air. To date, neither of these products has materialized, but there’s reason to believe that both rumors were actually […]

  • Apple Watch and MacBook pre-orders are open

    Apple’s Watch is now on pre-order at Apple’s Store, but unlike Katy Perry, you’re going to have to wait until at least April 24th to get one. If you don’t want to wait a lot longer than that, you should probably order one sooner than later, and you may have to settle for a model […]