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  • 7 tips for using Snapchat like a millennial

    So you’ve downloaded Snapchat. Now what? We won’t judge you for not being a Snapchat pro already — you’d be surprised how often people consign such a popular app to being something other/younger people are interested in. It can also be hard to find space in your head for another social media app on top of Facebook, […]

  • Apple sets iPhone 8 launch date for September 12

    We finally know when Apple will announce the iPhone 8. Apple sent out invites to lucky members of the media and analysts on Thursday afternoon, officially marking September 12, 10 AM PT, as the event date and setting the stage with what should be Apple’s biggest product launch in years. Yes, I got an invite […]

  • Government to invest £246 million in making the UK a leader in battery technology

    Forget drones, VR or AI, the most important technology that exists today are batteries. If we’re to move towards a more connected world, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and effectively save the planet, batteries are the key technology that will get us there. Sadly, we’re still using technology that is more than three decades old. […]

  • Facebook News Feed change demotes sketchy links overshared by spammers

    Technically, Facebook can’t suspend people’s accounts just for sharing 50-plus false, sensational or clickbaity news articles per day. It doesn’t want to trample anyone’s right to share. But there’s nothing stopping it from burying those links low in the News Feed so few people ever see them. Today Facebook announced an algorithm change that does […]

  • For Apple, 2017 means “iPhone 8” or bust

    Although not due for release until later this year, you’ve probably heard rumors and leaks regarding the Apple iPhone 8 for months at this point. With 2017 marking the 10th anniversary of the iPhone – a big deal to us humans, who are big fans of well-rounded numbers – expectations are high for the device that […]

  • Is a OnePlus phone your daily driver?

    Some companies don’t have any issues charging quite a bit of money for their smartphones. Some high-end phones out there are nearly $1,000, and this could be the year we see Apple launch an iPhone that starts at a grand to buy, if the rumors pan out. Who knows if that means other companies, like […]

  • Does iOS keep you coming back to the iPhone?

    Loyalty is something a company like Apple, and Samsung, and LG, love to hear. They would very much like to have created something that you like so much that you decide you’ll stick with that company when they release the next big thing. Apple wants you to upgrade from your iPhone 6s to an iPhone […]

  • Do exclusives sway you to switch platforms or services?

    Apple Music launched not too long ago now, entering a pretty crowded streaming music market already. Pandora has been around for what feels like forever already, touting its Music Genome Project as a means to really drill down your favorite tastes and build radio stations around that taste to offer you only what you want […]

  • Seagate Ships Nytro 141 Low-Cost Consumer SSD

    Seagate hasn’t released a consumer SSD since the 600 and 600 Pro came to market in mid-2013. We’ve heard rumors about new products for the last year, but nothing has come of that speculation. That’s about to change with the new Nytro 141 series, starting with the Nytro 141 256GB, which online seller Superbiiz lists as available […]

  • All Chromebooks released in 2017 and later will support Android apps

    Google began adding support for the Play Store to Chromebooks last spring, but the rollout has been very, very slow. At first, only a few ARM-powered Chromebooks had support, then Google’s own Pixel 2 was added. Now, many recent Chromebooks have gotten the Play Store, at least in the developer channel. Google is going a […]

  • Adobe bets on Chromebooks for education with slew of mobile apps

    Until now there has been a clear division between Adobe’s mouse-and-keyboard driven desktop applications and its touch-centric mobile versions. But, timed to coincide with Google’s push to blend Android with Chromebooks, Adobe has announced support for six of its most popular mobile applications on Play Store-compatible Chromebooks. This is part of the company’s education initiative, […]

  • Apple removes app to help you find lost AirPods from app store

    Since Apple took away our headphone jacks (RIP), all we have left to lose is our wireless AirPods… literally. While Apple’s wireless earbuds for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus — AirPods — may look cool, there’s no denying the small, ear-sized speakers have the potential to get lost easily. An app called Finder for […]