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  • All Chromebooks released in 2017 and later will support Android apps

    Google began adding support for the Play Store to Chromebooks last spring, but the rollout has been very, very slow. At first, only a few ARM-powered Chromebooks had support, then Google’s own Pixel 2 was added. Now, many recent Chromebooks have gotten the Play Store, at least in the developer channel. Google is going a […]

  • Adobe bets on Chromebooks for education with slew of mobile apps

    Until now there has been a clear division between Adobe’s mouse-and-keyboard driven desktop applications and its touch-centric mobile versions. But, timed to coincide with Google’s push to blend Android with Chromebooks, Adobe has announced support for six of its most popular mobile applications on Play Store-compatible Chromebooks. This is part of the company’s education initiative, […]

  • Apple removes app to help you find lost AirPods from app store

    Since Apple took away our headphone jacks (RIP), all we have left to lose is our wireless AirPods… literally. While Apple’s wireless earbuds for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus — AirPods — may look cool, there’s no denying the small, ear-sized speakers have the potential to get lost easily. An app called Finder for […]

  • Snapchat ads could soon make it easier for you to spend or signup

    Snapchat’s ad business is growing up, and it’s beginning to look a lot like Facebook’s. Snap is testing two features this month in Snap Ads — the video ads that are inserted between Stories or on Discover — that make it easier for advertisers to meet their targets when it comes to direct sales, app […]


    For years, Netflix subscribers have dreamed of the ability to download movies or episodes of their favorite TV shows to accompany them on a long trip off the grid. Now that the dream has  we’re here to help you make that transition offline go as smoothly as possible so you can simply sit back and enjoy. […]


    Giving holiday cards with a few bucks hidden in their folds is a well-established tradition, but one that tends to translate poorly online. Beaming beer money to cousin Jimmy’s digital wallet isn’t nearly as personal as giving the Benjamin to said relative in a card and in person. It’s the equivalent of forking over a […]

  • Online Voting Isn’t as Flawed as You Think—Just Ask Estonia

    Virtual Polling Place: Estonia has allowed citizens to vote online through their smartphones or laptops in eight nationwide elections since 2005. In the most recent election, more than 30 percent of Estonians cast their votes online. The United States has had more than 200 years to get its election process right, but it’s still far from […]

  • Facebook launches social events app in the hopes of replacing your calendar

    Facebook is harnessing the power of its events feature as part of a new standalone app that lets users discover things to do in their city, and around the U.S. The “Events from Facebook” app is available now for iOS, and is heading to Android soon. When you open the app, you can immediately see […]

  • Something new is coming to the PC industry: Growth

    There’s something new coming in the PC market: Growth. Sales volumes have hit bottom and will start to pick up from next year, say analysts at Gartner. Growth won’t be fast — just 0.4 percent next year, and perhaps 3 percent the year after — but it will mark a change from the 8 percent […]

  • Snapchat’s Newest Filter Will Tell You How High You Are

    Snapchat has added an altitude gauge to its lineup of dynamic filters, which overlays your photo with a dial-like graphic showing just how high up you are at the time of your Snap. The altimeter filter adds a reading of your altitude (measured in feet) and a whole new dimension to your Snapchats. It’s ideal […]

  • iOS 10 Features: 10 Big Ones Unveiled at WWDC 2016

    HIGHLIGHTS iOS 10 brings significant new features to several core apps. Apple promises that private data is not used to generate profiles of users. Several apps have also received redesigns that make them easier to use. Apple’s hardware is now routinely leaked months before it can be launched, but its software is all done in-house […]

  • Spotify’s new feature is ….

    Spotify just earned some indie credibility by launching a new playlist compilation feature dedicated to undiscovered artists. Fresh Finds uses both human and software-based ‘tastemakers’ to create genre-specific playlists comprised of music from grassroots musicians. Users have five genre options to choose from – Fire Emoji (hip-hop), Basement (electronic), Hiptronix (vocal pop), Six Strings (guitar driven) […]