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  • Apple TV revamp coming in June with Siri and App Store

    Apple’s criminally ignored set-top box is finally getting a major upgrade. The company is planning to announce a new Apple TV at its Worldwide Developer Conference in June,according to Buzzfeed. And yes, sources say it’ll pack in just about everything you’ve been hoping for: a real App Store, Siri-powered voice commands, and the usual spec […]

  • Apple reportedly has ‘hundreds’ working on an electric car

    Those ages-old rumors of Apple working on its own cars may have some merit after all. Wall Street Journal sources report that Cupertino has “several hundred” staffers working on an electric car project nicknamed Titan. It’s supposedly early days (a release would be “several years” away), but the current effort apparently resembles a minivan. There’s […]

  • Apple cracks down on accessory makers to discourage leaks

    Follow the Apple rumor cycle and you’ll notice that accessory makers play animportant role in leaks — some of them “borrow” factory blueprints to produce cases and other add-ons for iPhones and iPads that are still weeks away from launch. Well, the crew at 1 Infinite Loop is apparently fed up with these companies spoiling […]

  • Apple’s Beats-based music service may come with an iOS 8 update

    You might not have to wait that long to try Apple’s rumored Beats-based streaming music service. Tipsters tell9to5Mac that the folks in Cupertino are “currently considering” a launch for the all-you-can-hear offering in tandem with iOS 8.4, rather than holding off for iOS 9 or later. This new software would supposedly arrive some time after […]

  • Copy and paste edits on multiple photos with Lightroom on iOS

    If you’re paying for a Creative Cloud subscription, Adobe’s Lightroom mobile comes in handy for make somephoto edits on the go. In order to speed up that creative process a bit, the latest iOS update delivers the ability to copy edits from one photo and past them on another. So when you have a collection […]

  • Realmac’s Indiegogo campaign: Building a sustainable blogging service

    Back in the early days of December 2014, TUAW ran a review of Typed (US$19.99), a very minimalist blogging app for OS X from Realmac Software that works with a number of blogging platforms including WordPress and Blogger. Now the company has launched an Indiegogo campaign for, billed as a “sustainable blogging service” that […]

  • Apple cozies up to U.S. government with increased lobbying

    With personal devices getting more powerful every day and the launch of a wearable on the horizon, Apple is reportedly ramping up its presence in Washington in order to help calm any concerns.Bloomberg reports that Tim Cook’s photo op with Orrin Hatch in December was just a small sample of Apple’s ramped-up focus on making […]

  • Wthr Complete is a weather app with details and a nice design

    There are so many weather apps out there… As a general rule, I often find that the pretty ones don’t have a lot of information, and the ones with more information provided have worse user interfaces. Wthr Complete (US$1.99) breaks that rule by adding a lot of depth and a beautiful interface. It has all […]

  • Former iTunes engineer testifies: iTunes updates were designed to “block 100% of non-iTunes clients”

    This past Friday, as part of Apple’s ongoing iPod antitrust lawsuit, former Apple engineer Rod Schultz took the stand and testified about Apple’s efforts to prevent the iPod from playing music files downloaded from from competing services. The Wall Street journal reports: A former iTunes engineer testified in a federal antitrust case against Apple Friday […]

  • Big Ten football: Northwestern sees winning Big Ten title as next step

    Big Ten football: Northwestern sees winning Big Ten title as next step NEXTSTEP Enlarge Image M. Spencer Green | Associated Press Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald has 15 starters back from a team that won 10 games, including the Gator Bowl, the school's first bowl victory since 1949. NeXTSTEP 3.3 Image by gctwnl NeXTSTEP 3.3 Contents […]

  • Lilbits (8-16-2013): Debian turns 20

    Debian Etch virtualizado en Ubuntu Image by cespinoq Debian Etch virtualizado en Ubuntu Feisty AMD64 Lilbits (8-16-2013): Debian turns 20 Debian Debian has been around for 20 years, and we're only on version 7.1 of the open source, community-supported operating system. That's because the folks behind this operating system like to take their time. Whereas […]

  • Latest FreeBSD News

    VeriSign Embraces Open-Source FreeBSD for Diversity FreeBSD The open-source FreeBSD operating system is often in the shadow of its open-source cousin, Linux. FreeBSD is, however, a mature and stable operating system that is now quite literally at the very core foundation of what makes the Internet work. Global … Install Virtualbox on Freebsd 8.0 Image […]