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  • Samsung’s next flagship probably won’t have an under-display fingerprint scanner

    A recently unveiled concept phone from Chinese company Vivo got us all excited that we’re finally getting phones with a fingerprint scanner built into the screen. Unfortunately, Samsung probably isn’t jumping on that bandwagon just yet. This is according to a new report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has backtracked on his earlier position and is now claiming Samsung’s […]

  • Robots Are Flexing Stronger, More Flexible ‘Muscles’

    Humanoid robots like Sophia, granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia, and Atlas, which backflips like a boss, are rigid, strong and rather bulky. They’re made to look like us; they’re not designed after us. But researchers are working hard to give robots a softer touch without losing strength. Two new studies released Thursday in Science and Science Roboticsshowcase new moving robotic […]

  • Blockchain Technologies Could Help You Profit from Green Energy

    Imagine buying a solar panel from a hardware store, mounting it on your roof, then selling the green electricity you produce at a price you set. Is this even possible? Some companies certainly think so. These startups are harnessing the power of blockchains to democratize green power. Before you can understand how blockchains are part […]

  • WeChat reminds users of its privacy policy

    Surprise, surprise: it has been confirmed that WeChat gives your personal data to the Chinese government. The company declared in its 2015 overseas privacy policy: “We may be required to retain, preserve or disclose your Personal Information for a longer period of time: in order to comply with a court order, subpoena or other legal process; in […]

  • LinkedIn profiles are coming soon to your Microsoft work apps

    Microsoft wants to grow your LinkedIn network with everyone you collaborate or converse with, so it’s adding ‘Profile Cards’ to its Office 365 apps for making quick connections. The new feature, which will surface your contacts’ LinkedIn profiles in Microsoft services starting next month, should make it easier to learn about who you’re working with, whether they’re your colleagues […]

  • Facebook activates Safety Check after Las Vegas shooting

    Facebook activated its Safety Check feature today after a mass shooting in Las Vegas, where gunman Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and left 515 others injured. Soon after the incident, Facebook allowed users in the area to mark themselves safe – letting those who weren’t present to check on the status of their family and […]

  • Purism is one step closer to launching its privacy-focused phones

    After making the news with its secure Linux-based laptops that have been selling relatively well over the past year, Purism has now reached its $1.5 million funding goal for developing its Librem 5 smartphone. The device promises total protection of your privacy, thanks to custom hardware, support for Linux-based software platforms (including PureOS), and features like end-to-end encrypted communications as well […]

  • Google’s ARCore SDK brings AR creation tools to Android

    Augmented reality is about to get its big, mainstream moment thanks to Apple’s iOS 11 and the new iPhone, but another player intends to grab some of the mainstream AR action, too: Google. To that end, Google is introducing ARCore, a platform for developers that will allow them to build augmented reality apps on Android. Today’s release […]

  • The iPhone 8’s wireless charging might not be as exciting as we hope

    Apple is expected to introduce wireless charging to the next iPhone at its September 12 event— but the feature might not be as impressive as we originally thought, at least to start. The iPhone’s wireless charging capability will be less powerful than other phones that currently offer the same feature, according to a new report Japanese […]

  • Here’s when the next iPhone will (almost definitely) go on sale

    As sure as kids going back to school and leaves changing color, September is also the time of year when Apple reveals new iPhones to the world. Now that we have a good idea of when it will happen — a new report says Apple will make its annual offering to the smartphone gods on Sept. 12 — we […]

  • Android O Developer Preview 4 includes strange octopus Easter egg

    A new octopus Easter egg has appeared in the Android O Developer Preview 4 release. To access it, go to Settings > System > About phone and tap on the “Android version” several times. You’ll then see the old Android O easter egg (shown above), which you should tap repeatedly. You’ll then be greeted by […]

  • Case maker ‘leaks’ new handset design

    The iPhone 8 is going to be here in two months, and that means we’re get more solid information about what it’s going to be like. According to a new report by Forbes, the new iPhone 8 design has been finalized, and mocksup they’ve created imagine an evolution of the outgoing iPhone 7. Reports suggest […]