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  • Moto Z Play debuts alongside Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod

    The wave of announcements at IFA continues with Lenovo and Motorola, who are announcing a new handset and a fresh Moto Mod module. First up, the Moto Z Play is the latest addition to the Moto Z family. It’s got a 5.5-inch 1920×1080 Super AMOLEd display and a 5-megapixel camera on its face, and there’s […]

  • ZTE Nubia 11 coming to the U.S., U.K., Italy, and more

    Following its official debut back in June, ZTE today shared the details of the Nubia 11’s availability outside of China. The Nubia 11 will launch in Germany, Spain, and Italy starting in September. Pricing will start at €499 ($556 USD) for the standard 4GB/64GB version and go up to €599 ($668 USD) for the 6GB/64GB […]

  • Head Honchos at Apple HQ Admit the Original Apple Maps App Was an ‘Embarrassment’

    If you’ve been an iOS user for an extended period of time, you probably remember the first iteration of Apple Maps when it was introduced alongside iOS 6. And the one thing you probably remember most distinctly about the app is how incredibly awful it was – especially when compared to the competition. The lack […]

  • Top 5 Extended Battery Cases for iPhone 6, 6s, Plus, SE

    Any avid iPhone user will likely tell you that, as powerful and feature-rich as Silicon Valley’s hottest handsets are, they’re unfortunately not the best when it comes to maintaining a charge throughout the day. Unless you merely glance at your iPhone just a few times throughout the day — which is highly unlikely, I’m sure […]

  • LG G5 Modular Phones Dogged by Numerous Defect Complaints

    LG’s G5 phones have gotten into hot water lately. Complaints of design flaws and other defects, such as broken GPS, blown out speakers, malfunctioning power buttons, and poor battery life, have dogged LG’s flagship modular phones. Other customers have raised issues about the gap between the removable battery module and the remainder of the phone’s […]

  • How to Download Android 7.0 Nougat Right Now onto Your Nexus Android Device

    Google has just finally released Android 7.0 Nougat to the public — at least, if you own one of the devices that’s included in the initial launch. These devices include the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, Google Pixel C and Android One. Of course, the update isn’t immediately available on […]

  • Samsung to Ship High-End ‘Veyron’ Android Flip Phone Soon

    Although flip phones may have never quite recaptured the cachet they enjoyed during the Motorola Razr’s heyday, Samsung made an impressive argument for their relevance last year with its release of its high-end SM-W2016 Android-powered flip phone. Now, it appears that Samsung plans to launch its successor, the SM-W2017 (codenamed ‘Veyron’), in stores later this […]

  • iPhone 6s Demolishes the New Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in This Speed Test

    It’s certainly no secret that Apple and Samsung are currently locked in a war for smartphone dominance. The rivalry between the two companies is legendary — so it’s no surprise that, sooner or later, someone would put Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 head-to-head with an Apple flagship. And the people at PhoneBuff did just that […]

  • Why Google Search Is Cracking Down on Pop-up Advertisements

    Google has taken measures to combat aggressive and intrusive pop-up ads, announcing that websites that employ such tactics will be penalized with lower Google Search rankings. Known in the industry as interstitial ads, these cyber-pestilences usually materialize right before or after users access a web page and prompt them to subscribe or like something on […]


    Hey there! Here I am with an amazing smartphone Meizu M3S review. Meizu, a Chinese consumer electronics company have just launched another flagship in the Meizu M series. Meizu M3S is a 5 inched screen with 2.5D arc glass smartphone powered by high-performance MediTek MT6750 64 bit octa-core processor. It comes in two variants one with 2 […]

  • Benchmarks revive Galaxy Note 7 as a lighter Note 7 edge

    While it’s nice to see what kind of guts we can expect on a CDMA variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7(mainly because ‘Murica), if you want a little arm grease in action, you’re going to have to check out these Geekbench scores the thing supposed put up. Well, actually, the two things. You thought […]

  • HP Elite x3 First Impressions

    HIGHLIGHTS The HP Elite x3 features HP Workspace, an app virtualisation platform. The device boasts of accessories that take advantage of Continuum. It’s is targeted at healthcare, retail and field services verticals. HP first showed off the Elite x3 back in February at the annual Mobile World Congress show, and a few months later, we […]