How do I install an operating system on a bare bone computer?

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How do I install an operating system on a bare bone computer?

Is there anyway to get free operating system for a bare boned computer? Would I be able to take things like an operating system and microsoft office from another computer? How exactly do I do this?

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Answer by Bjorn
You would need to have the disc for the operating system you are trying to install.

There is no way to simply copy it from one computer to the other without massive issues.

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Corps’ Deployable Tactical Operating System
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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Deployable Tactical Operating System "DTOS" communications units are used for emergency power missions. (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photo)


  1. Well, linux is the most user friends FREE operating system. Download it on another computer and copy it to a cd or dvd.

    Than pop it into your other computer and wala.

    You CAN… but its illegal.

    Hey, person above me.

    Linux is NOT the only free o.s. but it is the most user friendly free o.s.

  2. Several versions of Lynux are free, but you will have to use applications from Open Office (very good alternative to MS Office).

    Yes, you can use a license from another pc, but you have to remove the license from that pc (format the hard drive); pc MS licenses are per pc, not for multiple pc’s.

    You will have to boot your new pc from the Windows OS CD and follow the onscreen instructions. You may have to access the pc manufacturer’s website to get drivers for some of your periferals.

  3. You would need a barebones Windows CD/DvD to install an operating system on your computer.

    Linux, Ubuntu, in particular is free but not many Windows users like it.

    You can download the .iso from the internet and burn it to CD.

    I recently installed Linux Fedora on another computer. I think i musta had a brain fart or something at the time.

  4. on a bare bone system you only get the the Tower Case, Motherboard, CPU and Memory. Unless you ordered other things with it like a expansion graphics card, hard drive, CD/DVD If you didn’t then you have to take the hard drive CD/DVD Rom Drive out of your old system, and put them into the bear bone system

    When you have done that you may find that windows won’t boot up because of the new Motherboard, CPU and new memory window don’t like you changing major hardware components then you will have to install windows from the windows install CD if you have not got one then you will need to get one

    I would need to kinow more details about your ols computer so that I may help you more
    You could download any 2009 version of Linux which is better than windows 7 it is free to download and use links below to download it from
    check out the links below

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