Q&A: Is it illegal to set up a web server behind my home router?

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Is it illegal to set up a web server behind my home router?

I’m thinking of setting up a web server behind my home router, just try it. Is it illegal?. My ISP does not explicitly mention anything about setting up a web server by using a home internet connection. Where can I get more info??

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by korgrue
Contact your ISP. There is nothing illegal about it, but it may violate their TOS if you are profiting from it and not paying for a business plan.

I run a webserver from home, but it is just my test system for web design and development before I deploy my sites.

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  1. No it’s not illegal to setup a webserver from your home router. As long is it complies with the TOS of your ISP. it’s actually pretty easy. Just relies on the reliability of your ISP connection. There is plenty of info online on how to set it up depending on your router and network configuration.

  2. Illegal? Generally speaking, no.

    However, it may be against your ISP’s Terms of Service Agreement. Some ISPs will block web hosting ports. Others don’t mind unless you start drawing in a lot of traffic. If you set it up on your internal network and don’t port forward your router or enable DMZ, then no one cares what you do.

    Try googling “-Your ISP- Terms of Service”.

  3. It’s not illegal. It may be against your TOS.

    Generally speaking your ISP won’t care unless you’re using a lot of bandwidth and are profitting somehow.

    Your primary considerations to do this —
    a. Most ISP’s give you a dynamic IP address. That’s akin to your living at 501 Main St today, but having to send mail to 1001 tomorrow to reach you at 501, and 2001 the day after, and 3311 the next day, and so forth. The trick to getting around this is to setup a “dynamic DNS” account then have a program running on your web-server that updates the Dynamic DNS address with the service provider on the Inernet every hour or so.

    Try http://www.dyndns.com.

    b. You will want your router to be setup to forward the web-server ports to your web-server. Your router may also have to be setup to allow the dyndns updates, I’m not sure on that. Also your software router on your web-server may need to be setup.

    Hope this helps,

    Roger Tiedemann, Jr.

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