Is it necessary to update system software in ps3?

System Software

Is it necessary to update system software in ps3?

I play on my ps3 offline only.I never surf internet or play online on my ps3.What will happen if i do not update system software?And i would like to know what is firmware?

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Answer by Jakob
No but it is a good option to have and do

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  1. u don’t have to update if u don’t want to but if u play online it will ask u to also new games will also ask u to update when they require the latest firmware.

    using the browser does not require a firmware update, only PSN or newer games, firmware is the basically the system software that is required for hardware to function (also to add certain features).

    u will most likely need to update sooner or later if u get newer games that require it unless u find a way around it.

  2. You are not required to update to play if you do not play online. Your games and everything will still function. Nothing will happen if you don not update.
    Think of firmware as the software for the hardware inside of your ps3

  3. Its a really good idea to update it for several reasons. Even if you don’t tend to play online much. One, is because it gives you the latest security. Two, it makes your system more efficient. Three, it does a lot for offline playing as well, not necessarily online. Four, it gives you the latest software, which once again keeps your system running well. They update the software so the system stays in good working condition. If you didn’t update anything, then your system isn’t doing the most it can.

    Even though people aren’t using a third (yes, the system has two thirds of awesomeness people have not yet tapped into) of what the PS3 can actually do, it keeps whatever you are doing at its best. Just update it. It doesn’t take up memory or anything. It replaces the old memory.

    Hope that helps.

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