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Smart people create systems, Even smarter break them. As the result a more efficient system is created. Every system has its flaws. It takes some intelligent and creative thinking to expose the flaws. Web 2.0 has come a along way, select few are aware of the potential of the powerhouse called Web 2.0. This book is an attempt to discover the hidden potential of Web 2.0 for small and large businesses alike.


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What type of gaming system should I get ?

There are new versions of gaming systems out like PSP GO, DS 3D, Xbox, PS3 and so on.
I wanna buy a gaming system for when I’m bored and just wanna play games, recommend me something and let me know why you recommend it.

Gaming Systems best answer:

Answer by Rick James
I say the 360 , i have basically every system and that’s the only one i play close to a day to day basis

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