What are the benefits of the Wii gaming system over others that will be available in December?

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What are the benefits of the Wii gaming system over others that will be available in December?

My husband wants a Wii for his birthday and while we have pretty much always kept gaming systems out of the house I was thinking it might be fun. I do not know what the benefits are over the xbox or the p.s. and he tried to explain them. If you could give me brief non-tech versions of his answers that would be great.

Like he said it was backwards compatible do you know what consuls/games and how far back that stretches?

What other benefits are there?

Where would be a good place to purchase this (his birthday is around the same time as christmas, does that make purchasing it a moot point?)

Are there any other components I should consider getting that are not a part of the basic package?

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  1. well it will be blue ray dvd player which is one of the new hd format players on the market it iot like a mini computer that plays games that have the best picture around

  2. Backwards compatible means he can play gamecube games on it, he can use games from the previous console.

    Go to http://www.nintendo.com and you can see a wide range of accesories for it.

    I guess you can purchase it at your local electronic shop, they probably have a presale, shop around!

  3. The Wii features playback support of all the old Nintendo systems, so you can download NES, SNES, as well and Nintendo 64 games. You may also play gamecube discs on the Wii. The controller is completely different from any past video game system, as you basically wave it around like a remote. This new controller has the possibility of being very fun for gamers and non-gamers alike, so you could even try playing a game with him. Here is an overview of all of the Wii’s basic functions: http://wii.ign.com/articles/733/733464p1.html

    Possibly most important of all, the Wii costs $ 350 less than the other system coming out soon, the Playstation 3.

  4. The Nintendo Wii is pretty much an EXCELLENT game system for non-traditional players as it has the ability to use natural motions (or gestures) to play the game.

    There are about 4 main advantages with the Wii compared with other current game systems.

    1) The system costs $ 250 (w/o tax) & includes the system, a Wiimote w/ Nunchuk add-on & Wii Sports Bundle. This makes the system playable right out of the box.

    2) As I’ve said before, games can use natural motions or gestures to play the game. For like Wii Sports Golf, you just the Wiimote like a golf club & Wii Sports Bowling, you use the Wiimote like a Bowling Ball… IT CAN BE JUST THAT SIMPLE!

    3) The system includes free online services like News & Weather as well as allowing users to view pictures stored on an SD card. You can also browse the internet on it as well, but it costs Wii points ($ $ $ ) to purchase the browser.

    4) The virtual console allows you to access (as in buy) classic Nintendo (as well as non-nintendo) games from the past 20 years & will cost between $ 5-10 a piece. This is in addition to backwards compatibility with the Gamecube. Here’s a rough list of systems it supports.

    * NES
    * Super NES
    * Sega Genesis
    * Turbografix-16
    * MSX
    * Nintendo 64
    * Nintendo Gamecube (including controlers)

    Nintendo is planning to have 4 million Wii’s out by New Year’s Eve (1 million at launch, which is before Thanksgiving), so you can pretty much buy the system anywhere. However, I suggest buying your system at a Gamestop-affiliated store (Gamestop, Software Ect., EB Games, ect.) since they also stock a lot of the accessories.

    As for extras, I suggest buying extra Wiimotes if you want to play together as well as a Nunchuk add-on. If you’re going to play the classic games on the Virtual Console, you’ll probably want to buy the classic controller. If you’ll probably want to pick up some Wii point cards so you can buy games on the Virtual Console.

    As for games (beyond Wii Sports & the Virtual Console), Warioware: Smooth Moves & Excite Truck are good for starters as they use natural motions. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess & Trauma Center: Second Opinion are better for experienced gamers (as the controls are more complex than simple motions).

    If you can read up about the Wii as well as video clips of random people trying out the Wii for the first time on the Wii website at http://www.wii.com (US site is http://us.wii.com ). I strongly suggest that you take a look at a couple of vid clips (about 2 minutes or less) to see how revolutionary the Wii is.

  5. There are a lot of benefits. Wii is the cheapest only $ 250 US. It ships with Wii Sports(game). There are 30 + games at christmas time. Good games include: Legend of Zelda, Wii sports, Red Steel, Call of Duty 3. Shooting games are fun with Wii controller.

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