How do I access MySQL database server service from a different machine ?


How do I access MySQL database server service from a different machine ?

I have an online shopping website which runs MySQL database server in the back-end in a Linux/Unix server.How do I access/monitor this MySQL service from my home Windows XP PC ? I am not very expert in these things as I have to think about other businesses. Please help.

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Answer by ho hummmmm
contact your web hosting provider (the company that rents server space to you and provided you with a database) and ask for your log in information. They should give you a url where you log in and a username and password. from there you can access all of your files and databases.

They probably emailed this to you, your site administrator or whoever takes care of your web development. (The fact that you don’t know how to log in to your web host makes me think you have someone else running things.) If so, you need to contact that person.

Also, it doesn’t matter what kind of computer you have at home. Your shopping site’s files and databases are on a remote server somewhere else, not on your home computer.

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  1. after you have the log in info as recommended by ho hummm you can log in to phpmyadmin. most web hosts should provide phpmyadmin. if not, find a new host, seriously. otherwise, use putty to ssh into the server and run mysql commands.

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