• Even a $2.2 billion investment couldn’t solve LeEco’s money problems

    LeEco wanted too much too fast, and its overzealousness caught up with it almost immediately. Chairman Jia “YT” Yueting has long acknowledged the company’s cash problems in the wake of its rapid growth, but while PR has tried to backtrack and otherwise spin his statements in the past, new comments this week paint an even […]

  • Google unveils Advr, an experimental Area 120 project for advertising in VR

    Google today is more formally taking the wraps off its internal incubator, Area 120, with the launch of a dedicated website, alongside the launch of one of the program’s more interesting projects to date: a way to advertise within VR. The new experiment, which is simply called Advr, involves a cube-like ad format which allows video […]

  • Google News gets a fresh coat of paint

    Google News is looking different today. That’s because Google today launched a major redesign of its news aggregation site that brings it in line with the rest of its services and removes a lot of the clutter that accumulated over the years. After years of sticking with essentially the same design, nobody was going to […]

  • Andy Rubin-backed AR hardware startup CastAR reportedly shuts down

    An augmented reality headset startup founded by former Valve employees and funded by Android co-creator Andy Rubin’s Playground Global is shutting down after it failed to receive further investment, Polygon reports. CastAR was building a headset device that projected holographic images into the field-of-view of a user, similar to products being built by companies like […]

  • Magic Wormhole is a clever way to send files easily and securely

    If you need to transfer a couple hundred megs to a coworker or friend across the country, you aren’t short on options. In fact, options are thick on the ground, and all have their own issues. Don’t you wish you could just speak a few magic words and send stuff directly to them, no intermediate […]

  • Last chance to get 2-4-1 tickets to Disrupt Berlin

    Okay, European startup fans. You’ve procrastinated long enough. Tomorrow, we’ll be releasing a batch of 50 pairs of tickets to Disrupt Berlin 2017, but in order to take advantage of this limited-time 2-4-1 opportunity, you’ll need to sign up today. Signing up is pretty dang easy, if we do say so ourselves. To do so, […]

  • Alibaba ups its stake in Southeast Asia’s Lazada with $1 billion investment

    Alibaba is doubling down on Southeast Asia after it announced a deal to pay close to $1 billion to raise its stake in e-commerce firm Lazada from 51 percent to 83 percent. The Chinese firm made an initial $1 billion investment in April 2016 at a valuation of $1.5 billion — this second deal raises that […]

  • Salesforce introduces several Einstein AI tools for third-party developers

    Salesforce launched three AI tools for developers today at the TrailheaDX developer conference. These algorithms, which fall under the new Einstein Platform Services, enable third-party developers to add Einstein intelligence to applications built on top of the Salesforce platform. The new services include sentiment and intent analysis and some pretty sophisticated image recognition analysis tools, […]

  • For Apple, 2017 means “iPhone 8” or bust

    Although not due for release until later this year, you’ve probably heard rumors and leaks regarding the Apple iPhone 8 for months at this point. With 2017 marking the 10th anniversary of the iPhone – a big deal to us humans, who are big fans of well-rounded numbers – expectations are high for the device that […]

  • Is a OnePlus phone your daily driver?

    Some companies don’t have any issues charging quite a bit of money for their smartphones. Some high-end phones out there are nearly $1,000, and this could be the year we see Apple launch an iPhone that starts at a grand to buy, if the rumors pan out. Who knows if that means other companies, like […]

  • Does iOS keep you coming back to the iPhone?

    Loyalty is something a company like Apple, and Samsung, and LG, love to hear. They would very much like to have created something that you like so much that you decide you’ll stick with that company when they release the next big thing. Apple wants you to upgrade from your iPhone 6s to an iPhone […]