• Fyusion is bringing 3D vision technologies to a device near you

    More than 15 million users a week launch the Fyuse app to take and share the 3D interactive pictures the technology enables. But what these users may not realize is that their pictures are actually a training tool to help train the eyes of a new generation of devices. Fyusion, the San Francisco-based developer of these 3D […]

  • NASA engineers stare at the sun to see shockwaves from supersonic flight

    Before the eclipse this summer, NASA warned us over and over again not to stare directly at the sun — but now they’re doing just that. Its researchers have reinvented a photography technique more than a century old, using the sun itself as a backdrop in order to capture the shockwave produced by a new supersonic jet. […]

  • Arizona residents are getting refunds on Theranos tests

    Theranos is issuing refund checks to all Arizona residents who used the company’s blood-testing services, thanks to a recent settlement by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. Between 2013 and 2016, Theranos offered testing at several locations throughout the state in a partnership with Walgreens. However, the drug store chain severed ties with Theranos in mid-2016, citing myriad bad test […]

  • NBCUniversal will start streaming Sunday Night Football on mobile devices next month

    NBCUniversal announced today that it has acquired rights from the NFL to stream “Sunday Night Football” through its TV Everywhere app starting with the 2018 season. The news comes just one week after Verizon gave up its exclusive rights to live stream NFL games on mobile devices. NBCUniversal’s deal with the NFL also allows it to extend streaming […]

  • Twitter finally boots hate group that Trump retweeted off its platform

    Yesterday Twitter said it would begin enforcing new hate speech rules to shutter accounts that promote violence against citizens to further their causes. The same day it suspended the accounts of the far right British hate group, Britain First, along with the accounts of its leader Paul Golding, and deputy Jayda Fransen. Fransen, whose far right […]

  • Blink introduces a $99 video doorbell

    The best way to stand out from the CES deluge? Announce your product three weeks before everyone else. Last year’s show was  big one for the connected home, and all signs are pointing to 2018 being even bigger, so Blink is getting out in front of things by announcing its new video doorbell this week. The biggest differentiator […]

  • New Power Devices Could Drastically Reduce Energy Waste

    Power electronics, which do things like modify voltages or convert between direct and alternating current, are everywhere. They’re in the power bricks we use to charge our portable devices; they’re in the battery packs of electric cars; and they’re in the power grid itself, where they mediate between high-voltage transmission lines and the lower voltages […]

  • An Anti-Aging Protein Could Be Targeted To Rejuvenate Immune Cells

    Anti-aging proteins have long been shown to protect against age-related diseases, such as cancer, neurodegeneration, and cardiovascular disease. A study by researchers at the Gladstone Institutes now reveals that one such protein could also be targeted to rejuvenate cells in the immune system. The protein in question is called SIRT1, more commonly known for being activated by […]

  • Researchers Develop ‘Antelope Perfume’ To Stem Tide Of Tsetse Fly Carried Illnesses

    Sponsored Post: Trypanosomiasis, more commonly known as “sleeping sickness,” is a parasitic infection spread by pesky tsetse flies among animals and farmers in rural areas of Africa. The blood-borne protozoa can require constant human and TEGO card livestock testing to detect the disease early on, if farmers can afford testing at all. Recent tactics developed at the […]