Fake news on Facebook. Trump’s Twitter tantrums. Snapchat Spectacles. Social media delivered plenty of surprises in 2016. For digital advertisers and marketers who’ve been paying attention, however, the biggest social media trend expected in 2017 shouldn’t be surprising at all: live video. Livestreamed video took off on social in 2016, and many believe 2017 will […]


    Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge browsers may be near the bottom of their unprecedented crash in user share, measurements published Sunday show. Analytics vendor Net Applications reported that the user share of IE and Edge — an estimate of the proportion of the world’s personal computer owners who ran those browsers — dropped by […]

  • The coolest health-tech products we saw at CES 2017

    From a brand new take on the electric breast pump to a discreet way to check sobriety during a night on the town, trust us, there’s a lot of neat stuff on the horizon. 1. Proof The Proof wearable wants to help drinkers keep an eye on their BAC levels. The company behind this wristband […]

  • Here’s what the most expensive headphones in the world sound like

    LAS VEGAS — It’s not every day that you get to try out a pair of $55,000 headphones, Sennheiser’s ultra-high-end “Orpheus” HE 1. But on Friday, I got to test an even more expensive pair: Onkyo’s $100,000 diamond-studded headphones — and I (almost) got to directly compare the two. Of course, other than the exorbitant […]

  • Your smart fridge is about to make our IoT security nightmare so much worse

    LAS VEGAS — Each year, CES plays host to some of the most compelling innovations in the tech industry: self-driving cars, virtual reality, robots, drones and televisions that get bigger and thinner each year. Not to mention Wi-Fi and bluetooth sensors embedded into just about every previously mundane appliance and object imaginable. Want Amazon’s Alexa […]

  • Apple might be launching three new iPads this year

    The iPad mini might be going the way of the Dodo. According to a note from usually-quite-accurate analyst Ming-Chi Quo from KGI Securities, Apple will be launching three iPads in 2017: a 12.9-inch one, a 9.7-inch one and another model that will have a 10-10.5-inch screen. The largest of the three will simply be a […]

  • Apple removes app to help you find lost AirPods from app store

    Since Apple took away our headphone jacks (RIP), all we have left to lose is our wireless AirPods… literally. While Apple’s wireless earbuds for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus — AirPods — may look cool, there’s no denying the small, ear-sized speakers have the potential to get lost easily. An app called Finder for […]

  • WeChat beats Google to release apps that don’t need to be downloaded or installed

    Click on a link in China’s top messaging app, WeChat, and you’ll be taken to a rich app-like experience, but without needing to download or install anything. Tencent, WeChat’s maker, on Monday released “mini programs” (Apple wouldn’t allow the word “app” to be used, it seems.) The new mini programs work within the messaging app, […]

  • iPhone 8 might ditch the aluminum body for a stainless steel frame

    With 10 years of iPhone iterations under its belt, there’s immense pressure for Apple to deliver an iPhone 8 with a new design and revolutionary features that’ll truly blow people away. One persistent rumor that we keep hearing about is a redesign. The latest supply chain checks from DigiTimes suggest Apple might “adopt a stainless […]

  • Everything we think we know about the next iPhone

    The iPhone turns 10 this year, which means it’s time for Apple to shake things up. (No more dongles, please.) Thankfully, a number of rumors from the past several months suggest that a major redesign might be in store. Let’s dive in. Three new iPhones As we wrote in November, Apple will reportedly release three […]

  • Publishers can soon insert ads 20 seconds into Facebook videos

    Facebook is about to turn up the volume on its video competition with YouTube. Videos on the social network can soon include mid-roll advertisements, allowing publishers to finally start making money from their videos, Recode reported Monday. Unlike YouTube where ads run prior to the video and can be skippable after 5 seconds, ads within […]

  • ‘Pokémon Go’ banned in China over public safety concerns

    The world’s most populous country will not be getting Pokémon Go. Apparently, China thinks the game is just too dangerous to allow due to public safety concerns, according to Reuters. China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television cites “a high level of responsibility to national security and the safety of people’s lives […]