• Here’s when the next iPhone will (almost definitely) go on sale

    As sure as kids going back to school and leaves changing color, September is also the time of year when Apple reveals new iPhones to the world. Now that we have a good idea of when it will happen — a new report says Apple will make its annual offering to the smartphone gods on Sept. 12 — we […]

  • You know things are bad when even the Google Pay Store is distributing malware

    Shady links, questionable emails, pirated videos, and … the Google Play Store? Malware authors have long used any and all tools at their disposal to trick victims into downloading malicious software, but the latest app-powered botnet uncovered by researchers in early August makes it clear that even marquee sources like Google may not be as […]

  • Big iPhone 8 reveal: How the virtual home button will probably work

    How could an iPhone work without a home button? We now have some idea. Apple is widely suspected to unveil three new iPhones at a September event: the iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus, and the highly anticipated iPhone 8. All rumors point to the latter being a radical redesign of the device—one that includes and edge-to-edge […]

  • Google’s giving us some new search upgrades to book cheap travel plans

    Google is making it way easier for travelers with flexible schedules to save money. The search giant announced today that it’s updating both the Flight and Hotel search tools to make it easier for people to find deals. Now, both tools offer you a chance to find cheaper alternatives by switching your departure and arrival dates by just a couple days. […]

  • Uber will finally end creepy rider tracking, report says

    Along with a new CEO, it looks like Uber is also about to get a little less creepy, as the company has now pledged to stop tracking users after rides. The company’s practice of tracking user location five minutes after a ride has ended will be discontinued, according to a report from Reuters citing a comment from Uber’s chief security […]

  • A hacker just went after verified Instagram accounts

    What’s shady, possibly wearing a hoodie, and is currently sitting on the stolen personal information of an untold number of high-profile Instagram users? That would be — SURPRISE! — a random hacker. Or several of them. “We recently discovered that one or more individuals obtained unlawful access to a number of high-profile Instagram users’ contact information — […]

  • SanDisk just released the world’s biggest microSD card

    just announced its biggest microSD card yet—but it doesn’t come cheap. The world’s first 400GB microSD starts shipping in September, and will set you back $249.99 The new microSD with adapter is good for 35 hours of full HD video. So it makes sense that SanDisk is marketing this microSD toward action camera and gaming console owners. This […]

  • Did Essential really just send out a phishing email to preorder customers?

    Brand-new phone maker Essential frustrated fans with months of silence and delays — but for some preorder customers, those missteps pale in comparison to the company’s latest PR nightmare. An Essential email account asked some customers to verify their identity by sending back a picture of a photo ID, according to a report from The Verge. That’s an odd request […]

  • Apple sets iPhone 8 launch date for September 12

    We finally know when Apple will announce the iPhone 8. Apple sent out invites to lucky members of the media and analysts on Thursday afternoon, officially marking September 12, 10 AM PT, as the event date and setting the stage with what should be Apple’s biggest product launch in years. Yes, I got an invite […]

  • Hands on with the BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition

    I have no idea if Kim Kardashian, a well-known BlackBerry lover and mourner of the classic Bold, has used the new QWERTY-equipped KEYone. (Trust me, I’ve looked on Google and couldn’t find anything.) But if she hasn’t, she’s really doing herself a disservice because the new “Black Edition” KEYone smartphone is actually pretty. It looks fantastic and performs much […]

  • BB-9E is the evil BB-8 we never imagined

    So round, so active, so absolutely evil. BB-9E is the literal dark side version of the lovable BB-8 droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s not cute. It’s not happy. This astromech makes angry sounds and has a utterly mysterious story line and purpose, which makes it 10 times more evil. News of the brand new drone […]

  • Android O Developer Preview 4 update is now available

    It’s been nearly two months since Google last released a new Android O Developer Preview update, but today that drought is finally ending. Android O Developer Preview 4 is now rolling out. If you’ve got a device that’s enrolled in the Android Beta Program, you should receive this update in the coming days. You can enroll in the […]