• Optus Is Now Your Go-To For Mobile Video Streaming

    If you watch a lot of streaming video on your smartphone — while you’re commuting, during a lazy day at the beach or a hardcore one at the gym, or if you’re one of the surprisingly large number of young Aussies that don’t even have a hard-wired internet connection at home — then you’ll know […]

  • DreamLab Is The App That Helps Cure Cancer While You Sleep

    Everyday Australians, curing cancer while we sleep. It might sounds ridiculous, but the genius idea that is DreamLab has just scored a nomination for Research Australia’s Data Innovation Award. Here’s how it works. Vodafone Foundation’s DreamLab app uses the collective processing capacity of smartphones to crunch numbers and compare genetic profiles of tumours. Operating only […]

  • Aussie Telco Complaints Are Through The Roof

    Complaints to telecommunications providers are up by over 16 per cent, according to the latest report detailing the number of new landline, mobile and internet complaints the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) receives. Optus is the worst offender, while Amaysim proves the most loved among customers. The Telecommunications Complaints In Context report — a quarterly report […]

  • How To Make Chrome The Best Browser For Your Phone

    Google doesn’t just want the Chrome browser dominating laptops and desktops of this world, it wants it on as many mobile devices as possible too. If you have Chrome installed on your iPhone or Android, there are a handful of ways you can make it even better than the default settings. Here’s how to make […]

  • Tesla’s Solar Roof And Powerwall 2 Are ‘Perfect’ For Australia

    Over the weekend, Tesla’s energy division introduced the world to a new solar roof that it’s been working on, alongside a brand new version of the Powerwall home battery storage system that holds twice as much juice. While each on its own is very cool, putting the two together might mean big things for homeowners […]

  • T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge receiving software updates

    T-Mobile is now pushing updates to both the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. TmoNews readers Hector and Ashhab both received updates on their Galaxy Note 4s today. Interestingly, the changelog included with the update mentions the addition of RCS, Video Calling, and more, but those features were included with the Note 4’s Android […]

  • LG V20 now available from T-Mobile

    Right on schedule, the LG V20 is available from T-Mobile. The V20 is available from T-Mobile for $49.99 down and 24 monthly payments of $30 each, or $769.99 full retail. Customers that buy the LG V20 by November 20 will receive a free pair of B&O Play H3 earphones, worth $149. To get your earphones, […]

  • T-Mobile’s Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 rumored to launch on November 10

    Last week, T-Mobile prematurely revealed the Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10, posting images of the phone and its complete spec list on the T-Mobile website. The only details missing were the Idol 4S’s price and launch date, but now that info may have been revealed, too. T-Mobile will launch the Idol 4S with Windows […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge getting Blue Coral color option in the US

    When Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 7, it also debuted a new Blue Coral color option that combined blue front and back panels with a gold frame. That color appeared to die with the discontinuation of the Note 7, but Samsung has confirmed that Blue Coral will live on with another device. The Samsung Galaxy […]

  • Facebook, Microsoft, and IBM Leaders on Challenges for AI and Their AI Partnership

    Late last month, Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, and Microsoft announced that they will create a non-profit organization called Partnership on Artificial Intelligence. At the White House Frontiers Conference held at Carnegie Mellon University today, thought leaders from these companies explained why AI has finally arrived and what challenges lie ahead. (Also read the White House’s […]

  • New Taxi Hitchhiker: The Package

    A new research project aims to sneak a hitchhiker along on your taxi ride: the package. In 2013, consumers received deliveries for over one billion products they ordered online, according to a report by Barclays Bank in the United Kingdom. In the June 2016 business quarter, a major online retailer in China delivered, on average, about 42 […]

  • Flexible and Colorful Electronic Paper Promises a New Look for E-books

    Plasmonic nanostructures leverage the oscillations in the density of electrons that are generated when photons hit a metal surface. Researchers have used these structures for applications including increasing the light absorption of solar cells and creating colors without the need for dyes. As a demonstration of how effective these nanostructures are as a replacement for […]