BlackBerry 9930 Blackberry Bold Touch 9930 Verizon CDMA GSM Unlocked Phone with Touch Screen, 5MP Camera and Blackberry OS 7 – Unlocked Phone – No Warranty – Black

BlackBerry 9930 Blackberry Bold Touch 9930 Verizon CDMA GSM Unlocked Phone with Touch Screen, 5MP Camera and Blackberry OS 7 – Unlocked Phone – No Warranty – Black

BlackBerry 9930 Blackberry Bold Touch 9930 Verizon CDMA GSM Unlocked Phone with Touch Screen, 5MP Camera and Blackberry OS 7 - Unlocked Phone - No Warranty - Black Editor’s Rating:
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BlackBerry OS

Product Description

Create and connect like never before, swiping, pinching and zooming on the Liquid Graphics touch screen. Together with a 1.2 GHz processor, and a 24-bit high-res display, Liquid Graphics gives you fluid animations and instant response times. With an elegantly brushed stainless steel frame, sculpted surfaces and advanced composite backing, the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 smartphones are as lightweight and durable as they are feature-packed. Faster loading, faster scrolling, faster zooming. It’s t


  • Professional mobile messaging with BlackBerry 7 OS, 2.8-inch touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, 1.2 GHz processor, and Liquid Graphics technology
  • Fast 3G connectivity, international GSM capabilities, Wireless-N Wi-Fi networking, Near Field Communications (NFC) support
  • 5-MP camera with HD 720p video capture, Bluetooth stereo music, 4 GB memory, HTML5 web browser
  • Up to 6.6 hours of talk time, up to 300 hours (12.8 days) of standby time, released in August, 2011

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How to change my blackberry OS back to OS 5 from OS6 of my blackerry pearl 9105?

How to change my blackberry OS back to OS5 from OS6 of my blackerry pearl 9105?
I updated my phone 1-2 months ago!
I love OS6 the features are awesome but there is this battery problem I have to charge my phone after every 4-5hrs! But when it was running in OS5 there was no problem!

BlackBerry OS best answer:

Answer by Islandgirl
I had the same problem when I first got my bold and I solved it by changing the Lighting settings. The level of your backlight brightness can considerably drain down your battery a lot faster.
Go to options, screen Display, then scroll down to “Backlight Brightness” Id suggest you set it down to 20, also reduce the backlight timeout to 10 seconds or less, then save.

In case this doesn’t work for you and you still want to downgrade you can use your blackberry Desktop Software that you should first install on our computer.
Open your software and connect your blackberry using a USB cable
Click “Device”, then click “Update” , This message box will pop up “There are no Blackberry Device Software updates available”
Look at the bottom left of that message box and click on “View Other Versions”

You will see a list of previous blackberry versions.
Click on one of them and follow instructions.

Polished BlackBerry 10 OS will lure fans back It’s missing some things, but long-time BlackBerry fans will find the modern OS they’ve hungered for.
BlackBerry OS Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. 136 of 138 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Defining the word “Quality”, September 4, 2011
    E. Byer

    This review is from: BlackBerry 9930 Blackberry Bold Touch 9930 Verizon CDMA GSM Unlocked Phone with Touch Screen, 5MP Camera and Blackberry OS 7 – Unlocked Phone – No Warranty – Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I’ve been through hell and back with phones, so forgive me for being pessimistic when I’m standing in the Verizon store wondering what’s wrong with each phone they had. I was ADAMANT that my next phone was going to be the iPhone5 because everyone has jump ship to buy one of these, and quite frankly I love how smooth and responsive my iPod Touch 4g is. Well to backtrack, I have suffered through the BB 8320, BB 8330, BB Tour….got fed up with how underpowered and outdated they were with TONS of lockups and LONG resets, went to G1, DroidX, Fascinate….got fed up with just soooo many glitches in Android phones I can’t believe anybody actually believes they like them…and believe me….as hesitant as I was…I purchased the Blackberry Bold 9930. Why? Why not the iPhone5? For the following reasons:

    1. IT HAS AN INDICATOR LIGHT! This technology is so dated that it’s CRIMINAL not to include one on every phone manufactured. If you are like me who is always in quiet environments and can’t have ringtones or chimes going off all the time, then this is extremely valuable to you. With the samsung fascinate I felt I had ADHD constantly checking the damn thing and actually used more battery turning the phone screen on and off. Also BB has the best notification lights on their products hands down! DroidX had one but it wasn’t very visible. Love BB for this!
    2. The BEST…and I mean this….THE BEST BB Keyboard I have every used! It’s soft to the touch, easy to press, extremely responsive, keeps up with you, and is wide enough for my big fat fingers. BB…if you ever touch this keyboard and change it I will personally come to your headquarters and slap the CEO. This is the best one ever! I am so SICK and TIRED of these virtual keyboards I can spit. I have more errors than I or the device can count, and I spend MORE time correcting one word than typing a new word.
    3. The screen. This is where I think people need to wake up and truly assess the screen size. It’s absolutely stunning. It looks better than a retina display imho, it’s 2.8″ but not just that…it’s touchscreen….something that I begged and pleaded from BB for as long as I can remember (I think the G1). Now I can just tap on the icons and simply tap on whatever I choose without a mouse cursor. Also I thank you BB from the bottom of my heart for keeping the touchpad because you are the ONLY company that I can actually scroll into the middle of a word and delete and replace letters. I can’t stand those stupid touchscreen-only devices when you are typing a text message or web address and you miss a letter and you keep pushing with your index finger trying to get the cursor wedged between two small letters on a small screen. NEVER AGAIN. Also people argue “well you can blow up pictures bigger and view web pages longer.” Very true. But in portrait view, the BB now offers the SAME width as all the other phones…go ahead and compare. Sure you get some more real estate in Landscape…but to me it’s still a 3.5 – 4″ screen and I wouldn’t trade a BB keyboard for anything in the world!
    4. FAST. I MEAN…FAST. This thing keeps up with every button I press and every icon I tap.
    5. Battery life is good. Honestly I’m not jumping out of my seat saying “I can’t believe how long this lasts.” It does last a long time (I’d say about 6-10 hrs depending on real usage) but no better nor worse than the competitors. Gotta power that gorgeous display somehow right ;).
    6. 5mp Camera is nice. The flash is great to have, but the pictures aren’t as natural as a real camera flash. I’m being picky, but I tell it like it is. I really don’t know what the iPhone camera flash is like, but I do know the pictures are crisp and clear on that phone. These pics seem great to me as well, but I have yet to send one to someone to see how it looks on their phone.
    7. Design: Quite frankly I don’t know what everyone is bickering about on the blogs, but apparently this Bold “look” has been replayed for a couple of years now. What I say to that is: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. It’s the most popular selling BB phone RIM sells next to the AT&T Torch, it looks gorgeous to me (I love the metal all around the sides and the carbon fiber look to the back cover), so they could sell me the same looking phone in 6 yrs and I’d still buy it. How many times do you watch your favorite movie over and over again knowing it won’t change when you watch it? What about the iPhone? Black front, shiny back every time…still looks gorgeous (can’t fault them for that).
    8. Speaker, speaker, mic, and vibration: You have to hear it to believe it. The speaker on this phone is very loud and clear up to 85% volume (I notice more distortion past that). I dare you right now to go find a speaker that beats this…go ahead…I will wait. I have had one too many phones in my day and this one is the loudest and “clearest” relatively speaking of the…

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  2. 45 of 47 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Step in the right direction for RIM…., August 31, 2011
    Quentin Gerlach “IT Guy” (PA, USA) –

    This review is from: BlackBerry 9930 Blackberry Bold Touch 9930 Verizon CDMA GSM Unlocked Phone with Touch Screen, 5MP Camera and Blackberry OS 7 – Unlocked Phone – No Warranty – Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I feel for you Verizon customers who have been waiting to upgrade your Blackberries – especially if you wanted a touchscreen BB. Since RIM never released the Torch 9800 for CDMA users, you guys never got to experience that goodness. Surprising since the Torch is (was now, with the release of the Torch 2 and the new 9850 for Verizon) one of the few decent releases from RIM in the past couple of years. Anywho – with the 9930 Bold, those who were left out finally have a reason to upgrade their phones.

    For those of you who are wondering – this is NOT the Monaco phone that RIM plans on releasing soon. That phone is fully touchscreen – designed to replace the much hated Storm and not too much better Storm 2.

    Ok, so some list of changes that RIM brought about:

    – With the release of this Bold, RIM decided to nicely go back to the old style Bold 9000 keyboard. The keys are a bit bigger, so for those of you whose fingers might have been too big for the Bold 2 that was released for Verizon, I urge you to give this phone’s keyboard a try – you’ll be pleased. Some of you may notice the dimensions of the 9930 and the 9700 are very close, so you might wonder how they got the keyboard bigger. Well, they did it by getting rid of the plastic lining around the sides of the phone. Yes – both the keyboard and screen are now flush with the edge of the phone. I’m not sure I’m a fan of this, as it makes it a whole lot easier to crack/break something important, but it seems to be a direction most phone manufacturers are moving in, so we’ll see….

    – This phone is the first to have the new 7 OS – which is nice, but I think I’d rather have the QNX OS, thank you very much… Haha – but it is a good OS – for those who are interested, it takes up less space than 6. If my calculations are correct – about 15% less. This OS also supports NFC (near-field communication), so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of apps developers create to take advantage of it. (For those who remember it – NFC is how Google Wallet works) Voice search also works particularly well with this OS, and two new business apps are included, called BlackBerry Protect and Balance. Protect allows your business to remotely monitor, configure and wipe, if necessary, a remote smartphone so when the phone disappears, your whole business life doesn’t disappear along with it. And Balance separates business tasks from personal stuff on a BlackBerry, which helps avoid the possibility of confidential data accidentally being sent to all those shady contacts…..

    – Yes, the screen is touch capable. It’s actually pretty slick – especially considering how small the screen is, comparatively speaking, so it is usable in day to day operations. It especially works well with the browser – for all those times you need to move the page around, or zoom in on something, or zoom out to get a better view of the entire page. Are you going to play games with it?? Most likely not. But it is a start.

    – “Liquid Graphics Technology”: there’s been alot of talk about this, and what exactly does RIM mean by it. Here’s what I can tell you, from my research and usage of the phone: RIM basically put a separate graphics processor into the phone, which means that any of the graphics stuff should be a whole lot smoother and cleaner, since there’s a distinct chip handling all of it. From what I’ve seen, it is pretty fluid, but it still does get hung up at times – especially when it comes to certain web pages. But overall, definitely an improvement. I heard it’s also designed to support 3D animations and games…

    Alright – enough of that. Time for the good stuff – is it worth it??
    Short answer – absolutely.

    1) Battery life rocks. I feel for all of you iPhone and Android users whose phones die in like a day. This phone still keeps kicking after 2 days – without plugging it in once. Add to that the ability to actually change your battery, and that I tend to carry a spare just in case, and I can go practically a week without having to charge my phone. Incredible….

    2) Faster processor. Thank you RIM, for finally adopting a processor that breaks the 1 GHz marker in a phone! Actually RIM upgraded a bunch of hardware – like the memory, along with the ability to do NFC communications. Thank you for reaching the 21st century RIM – we’re happy to have you!

    3) Global phone – this phone supports both the GSM and CDMA networks, so it can be used internationally – a big plus for our corporate employees. If you happen to travel internationally alot – don’t worry, this phone’s got you covered.

    4) Hotspot capable – this phone I believe is the first BB to natively support hotspots. Yes, there are apps you can download for the other phones, but you usually have to pay a decent amount (the cheapest I can remember is around 35 – 40 bucks) This supports personal…

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  3. 67 of 73 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Buyer beware…Check 1 Star reviews before you buy!!!, June 29, 2012
    E.K. (Florida,USA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: BlackBerry 9930 Blackberry Bold Touch 9930 Verizon CDMA GSM Unlocked Phone with Touch Screen, 5MP Camera and Blackberry OS 7 – Unlocked Phone – No Warranty – Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I ordered a new BB 9930 GSM unlocked phone from seller. When it arrived I bought a temp AT&T sim card to test it before leaving for Africa. Glad I did, since the BB had many problems like the keys sticking, international apps did not work, and very poor connections with the GSM. I emailed the seller for a return and refund. Seller said OK. Seller received the phone on a Monday and signed for it at the post office. Then on Wednesday the seller says I need to send him the tracking number since he had not received it yet. I filed an insurance claim with the PO and later that day the PO where seller lives called me up to say seller indeed signed for the package on that Monday.

    Since it was a week now without a refund I filed a complaint claim with Amazon. Seller was now forced to refund my money…he did minus 15% restocking fee of $54.45. I said to him and Amazon that is not fair since the phone he sold me was defective. Apparently Amazon A to Z Garantee Program really works…in the end I got back my $54.45 along with the $45.00 I paid for overnight shipping.

    Thank you Amazon for helping an old and satisfied customer out. Next time I buy I will first look at all the 1 Star ratings a seller has…1Star reviews hold a wealth of information about the product and the seller. Forget those glowing 5 Star reviews and concentrate on the 1 Star…you’ll be glad you did.

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