What smartphone has the best instant messenger and is the best for texting?


What smartphone has the best instant messenger and is the best for texting?

Which smartphone do you recommend as being the best? How good is samsung galaxy s3 with texting and instant messenger? What are the main differences between samsung galaxy s2 and s3?

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Answer by Vishnu
Blackberry models… has IM from yahoo, msn, gtalk etc, etc… typing is easy because of Q.keyboard..

Audiovox SMT5600 with the new Qtek Smartphone
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  1. If you really like then Black berry is great. Almost every smartphone has apps so you can IM easily.

    Difference is clear, actually Galaxy S3 is a new phone with some cool new features like eye tracking, fast access to camera with motion sensor etc. And also it has some hardware changes. But when you are totally concerned with texting, you won’t feel any difference. Because both runs on Android you won’t feel *great* differences in user interface. Because Galaxy s3 is old, probably you’ll see some changes in on-screen keyboard, and word suggestion is also great but at the end both will be same almost . You can also make Samsung Galaxy S2 texting a lot better with some Third party apps which can be downloaded from the google play store.

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