How do you set up a 2nd home PC to the same router, in a different room?

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How do you set up a 2nd home PC to the same router, in a different room?

I have a new home PC in my bedroom. Our PC in the family room is hooked up to a router. How would I be able to get a wireless connection on my PC in my room? Do I have to set up a network on the initial computer or what? If, so PLEASE HELP!

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Answer by Neil
Do you have a wireless router? Does the PC in your room have a wireless card? If yes and yes, you should be good to go. No, you don’t have to do anything on the first computer.

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  1. Ol first you have to make sure that the new PC has a wireless card(if it’s a new laptop it probably does) if it is a desktop you will need a USB network adapter.

    Now just open the control panel and go to network connections. Right click on the wireless network adapter and click on view available networks. Then just double click on tour network and you’re connected.
    I forgot to mention that if there is a red X by your network adapter you will need to right click on it then click enable. Any problems write me on fbook. Years of pc experience.

  2. it would be more practical if you ask assistance to the internet provider or any computer experts in your place so that the installation will be great and functional. we can provide you more tips if nobody in your place do not know about the problem.

  3. If the computer in your family room is connected to a wireless router, then you can connect your new computer to that wireless router, as long as that computer has a wireless card. You do not need to do anything on the computer in the family room.

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