The Best Enterprise Software Companies And CEOs To Work For In 2013

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The Best Enterprise Software Companies And CEOs To Work For In 2013

best software
Comparing the latest Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) List Of Top 100 Global Software Leaders published in May of this year with current Glassdoor ratings based on employee feedback provides valuable insights into the best software companies to work for …

The best internet software in the world EVER!
best software
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from .net magazine

Top 3 Products for DVD Burning Software Reviewed and Ranked by

best software
Its latest DVD burning software reviews published today software review site Boffin. The editors of the review site revealed that the top three software were almost equally competence and efficient, making their decision for the final rankings …


  1. I actually remember that cd. I made an appalling mistake in some ways of going from a casual .Net buyer whilst I was at uni, to being a subscriber when i got my first net design job in the summer of 98. it was only then that i realised that by sitting on the net all day, every day as I now did at work, 9 times out of 10 I’d already have seen what .Net would write about each issue.

  2. Have you been going through my bins, Martin? You seem to have photographs of a load of stuff I chucked out lately.

    However, I fail to see how an AOL trial constitutes ‘the best internet software in the world… ever!’.

  3. Hmm. the irony of my earlier post is that I stopped buying .Net magazine because it turned into a web mag for idiots, like something for your non-savvy parents to read or something. there ‘was’ a web-design pro mag at one point called Create Online that lasted for about a year and was great for a while but with each issue it got thinner and thinner as they ran out of things to feature and people to interview.

    I just looked at the .Net website and it seems it’s a much more pro-mag these days. Maybe i’ll grab a copy when I’m in the UK next month.

  4. As it happens, I found a copy of Create Online in the cupboard too. It’s now in the recycling, along with all the copies of .net I had which were under 10 years old.

    I did keep the ones older than that, though – including issue zero (free to MacFormat subscribers sometime before launch in 1994), and then most of the ones from issue 4 onwards.

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