Travelsox The Best Dress and Travel Crew Compression Socks, Grey, Medium

Travelsox The Best Dress and Travel Crew Compression Socks, Grey, Medium

Travelsox The Best Dress and Travel Crew Compression Socks, Grey, Medium Editor’s Rating:
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Best Compression

Product Description

These are called the best travel and dress socks for a reason, at first glance they may look like a regular crew sock, they are so much more. Foot and ankle compression starts mid foot with a plantar fasciitis zone and arch support, it continues through the heel cup and up the ankle. Using our exclusive, Silver DryStat it makes the socks anti fungal, anti bacterial, Quick drying and odor resistant. When traveling for long trips, you can wash the socks in the sink, turn inside out and they will d


  • Silver DryStat, anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti viral giving you a quick drying odor resistant sock
  • A great gift for the Dad who has everything, Walking, Standing, Traveling, or Work
  • Compression is proven to improve blood flow, move faster, react quicker and use less energy
  • Designed, tested and manufactured in our Italian factory, to elite athletes compression standards
  • Mid foot Plantar Fasciitis Support Zone also prevents pooling of blood

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How to measure a compression fitting so that you know what size tubing you need?

I have this pressure cooker with a compression fitting built into the lid. I need to buy copper tubing to fit that compression fitting. How do I know what size to get?

Best Compression best answer:

Answer by Steve G
I would take the compression fitting with you to the store, or at least take it apart and take the ferrule (compression ring) with you. If you’re in the USA it’s likely to be 1/4″.

Cosmonaut Compression Gaiters
Best Compression
Image by Merryjack
"The actual designer is unknown, but it was presumably a doctor or medical technician at one of the medical research facilities associated with the Soviet space program, such as the Institute for Bio-Medical Problems. The gaiters were designed to assist in the alleviation of a specific medical problem, the development of varicose veins in the legs during prolonged periods of weightlessness. Their elastic nature puts pressure on the legs, simulating the effects of gravity and thus preventing swelling of the leg veins. The adjustable lacings allow the gaiters to be ‘customised’ for the best fit and also provide the capability to vary the pressure on the leg as required.

The gaiters are presumed to been made in one of the maunufacturing plants associated with the Soviet aerospace medicine program.

History notes
Cosmonaut Vladimir Titov wore these gaiters after he returned from his year-long mission on the Mir space station (Dec 21, 1987-Dec 22, 1988). While on board Mir, Titov would have used a similar pair of gaiters to prevent varicose veins, due to the microgravity environment. This pair was worn during Titov’s post-spaceflight physical rehabilitation, to help prevent the same condition resulting from the effect of gravity on his debilitated leg muscles.
Vladimir Titov, colonel in Soviet Air Force. Commander of the Soyuz TM-4 mission, Titov spent 12 months on the Mir space station carrying out a range of scientific and engineering experiments and research. After returning to Earth he spent several months undergoing physical rehabilitation from the effects of his long duration flight. Titov later trained as a NASA Mission Specialist and made two space shuttle flights in connection with the Shuttle-Mir program, STS-63 (Feb 3-11, 1995) and STS-86 (Sept 25-Oct 6, 1997).
These items were part of Lot 299 at the Sotheby’s New York space auction 16/3/96, consigned by Titov himself. A document in Russian, with English translation, signed by Titov, accompanies the gaiters and refers to his use of them."

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The Best As
Best Compression
Image by qthomasbower
The Best As

A highly processed compression and diffusion of images depicting the Capital Letter A. The source images were drawn from the flickr most interesting, and most recent uploads with the tags letter and A.

To increase the definition of the final image, the inital set was edited down to the "right" set based on a simple criteria: was a capital letter A visible in the image. Each member of the right set was cropped to subarea containing the image of the capital A.

Post processing was applied to emphasize the color variation of the original set, and to add texture and depth to the resulting image.

Stage Left Audio – Basic Compressor: vocals, drums, bass

A basic look at setting a sub-group compressor for vocals, drums, and bass. The values shown in the video are ONLY a starting point. A lot of variables deter…
Best Compression Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    THE PERFECT DRESS SOCK, May 23, 2013
    Fishgriller “Kurt Ploetz” (Always Outside!) –

    If you have read many of my reviews, you know that compression socks are key to me being able to stand and cook all day long. The older you get the more circulation is important in your feet and lower legs. The Crew sock is much easier to put on and has great arch support. if you suffer from ailments such as plantar fasciitus or arch spurs this will give you great support.

    This sock dries in a heartbeat and has silver in the material to keep out odor.

    PROS/// Anti fungal and odor
    arch support system – hang dry overnight for travel- easy to put on compared to over the calf

    CONS/// can’t find any yet I hope you find this review helpful in your purchase decision [fishgriller Approved]

    Adding the size chart

    Small Mens 4-7 Ladies 5-8
    Medium Mens 7-9 Ladies 8-10
    Large Mens 9-11 Ladies 10-12
    X-Large Mens 11-14

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  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    This travel crew sock is fabulous! (I ordered Medium), June 23, 2013
    Richard C. Mueller (San Diego, CA United States) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Travelsox The Best Dress and Travel Crew Compression Socks (Sports)

    Having traveled internationally for years, I found the longer Travelsox to work great. I found this crew sock and wanted to try it out for travel and especially for daily office work. As I have gotten older, my feet are more tired each day, even sitting at a desk and not just standing up and on my feet.

    The crew length is perfect. The cushion on the sole is AWESOME and so comfortable. Most importantly, my feet feel great at the end of the day. Plus, I tried them on a recent road trip where I had to drive 7-8 hours in each direction. I arrived at my destination and then my home with feet in great condition, not tired and not achy.

    I definitely recommend these socks!!

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