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  • Features Android and iOS Should Borrow From Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Others

    HIGHLIGHTS iOS and Android used to be distinctly different in their early days Of late, they’ve overlapped in terms of features and finish Google and Apple should ‘take some inspiration’ from fading competitors During their infancy, it was very easy to distinguish between Android and iOS. Apple’s mobile operating system was well-designed and easy to […]


    Added details about the Nougat rollout for Huawei’s handsets. It’s the eternal question that we all face when it’s time for a new version of Android: when will I get it? We have the answer! Well, sort of. Android is a fragmented mess customized by many different smartphone makers, so finding out when exactly you’ll […]

  • Dark Sky brings its ‘hyperlocal’ weather forecasts to Android

    Dark Sky has been a darling of the iOS app scene for years. It has a nice design, and all the features you’d expect from a weather app, but its unique selling point is “hyperlocal” reports that can pinpoint rain to the minute. To do this, it “statistically aggregates” data from 19 meteorological sources, as […]

  • Marshmallow is winging its way to LG G4 users

    LG is dishing out tasty treats to G4 owners in Europe as reports suggest that Android Marshmallow is rolling out to the handset. According to Android Central, users across the continent are claiming that the latest Google operating system has landed on their device. Marshmallow brings a number of improvements to the G4, including a simplified […]

  • Android gets a serious music editing app With StageLight

    One big reason you don’t find many audio editing options on Android is due to the operating system not being great when it comes to latency (aka when audio is slightly delayed during recording). But with the launch of Open Labs‘ new Stagelight app on Android, that should get a bit better. Stagelight initially launched as a Windows audio […]

  • You can now draw notes and doodle in Google Keep for Android

    Google Keep just got a lot better today with a new drawing feature. You can now draw a note to yourself because sometimes it’s easier to jot something down rather than type it. You can use your finger, or you can use a stylus if your phone is equipped with one. You can even draw over […]

  • Five easy steps to Android app mastery

    Ready to put your ideas into motion and start making your own apps? With this hot bundle of StackSkills’ Java Android 6.0 Coding courses – a package available now for just $29 – you’ll get 60 hours of training that’ll have you translating your great ideas into useful, sellable apps for all your Android-compatible devices. […]

  • Study says Android 4.0 and iOS 8 are most likely to crash your apps

    Ever had the feeling that certain phone operating systems are more likely to crash your apps than others? It’s not just you. Crittercism has posted its latest breakdown of crash reports from about 20,000 apps, and it’s clear that certain operating systems aren’t as friendly as others. On Android, Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) is most […]

  • iPhone takes on Android in a sci-fi battle to the death

    The battle over whether iPhone or Android is better will never end, if only because Android users will never admit that they’re absolutely wrong. Normally the conflict is merely verbal, but thanks to this entry from a video contest hosted by mobile game controller make MOGA this argument has gotten much more interesting. Witness the […]

  • Some awesome Android apps?

    Android Apps Some awesome Android apps? Who can tell me a few free android apps that are cool to download? Just got a new phone so i want stuff to download. Android apps best answer: Answer by ~PHOENIXFIRE~Earth Google! Pin ball games,glow hockey! Android app – PDRM MyDistress Image by suanie www.suanie.net/2012/06/14/14-android-apps-that-suanie-thi… google android app […]

  • MOGA Mobile Gaming System for Android 2.3+

    MOGA Mobile Gaming System for Android 2.3+ Editor’s Rating: List Price:$ 29.99 Sale Price:[wpramaprice asin=”B0096L2SJ0″] Gaming Systems Product Description Get the best game experience anywhere with MOGA. The MOGA Mobile Gaming System equips you with a state-of-the-art, portable controller, a library of amazing titles (more added every month) and the MOGA Pivot App, helping you […]