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  • DreamLab Is The App That Helps Cure Cancer While You Sleep

    Everyday Australians, curing cancer while we sleep. It might sounds ridiculous, but the genius idea that is DreamLab has just scored a nomination for Research Australia’s Data Innovation Award. Here’s how it works. Vodafone Foundation’s DreamLab app uses the collective processing capacity of smartphones to crunch numbers and compare genetic profiles of tumours. Operating only […]

  • Try to ask Google’s mobile app something

    Frankly, it was always possible to ask Google anything, but for slightly more complicated questions, the answers were a bit…wanting. Now, Google has updated its mobile app to better understand complex queries. In a blog postMonday, Google product manager Satyajeet Salgar explains some of the improvements that help the app make sense of your weird, […]

  • Set healthy goals with iHydrate

    Despite the numerous studies about how drinking more water keeps us focused and energized and does things like help us fight off colds and stave off migraines, most of us fail at drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day. iHydrate, US$1.99 in the App Store, helps you to get your daily 64 ounces […]

  • The Lowdown meetings app for iOS is now free and improved

    Lowdown (free) is an intriguing business app that provides briefings on participants and companies you are meeting with, helps you get to the meeting with location information, and tells you when others arrive. When you start you can integrate the app to other services like Linkedin (it’s required to use the app), and Twitter. The […]

  • Venerable sound capture app Audio Hijack reimagined for v3

    For an independent app developer, a 13-year run with a flagship app is nothing to sneeze at. When that flagship app owns its particular niche of the OS X ecosystem as thoroughly as Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack, however, that kind of longevity is less surprising. Since 2002, chief amoeba Paul Kafasis and his merry band […]

  • Geocannon lets you travel anywhere and conquer the city

    You can conquer the world if you try hard enough. I’m sure some adult told you that at one point when you were younger. It seems like kind of a stretch though, doesn’t it? Well, conquering the physical world is probably best left off your bucket list. It might be nice to conquer the world […]

  • Pocket Drive turns your iOS device into an external drive

    Pocket Drive (free with in-app purchases) is an easy to use app that lets your iOS device connect wirelessly to any computer on your network and move files, photos, music or videos between them. The app supports links to both Macs and PCs. The app is easy enough to use. Launch it, and then check […]

  • Get live updates with Ski Buddy and Ski Buddy Plus.

    I have seen a number of apps for skiers and other downhill enthusiasts like mountain bikers and longboarders. These apps normally record your speed, the distance you travel, changes in elevation, and the time it takes you to complete your run. Ski Buddy, a free universal app does all that plus the app provides you […]

  • Ticketmaster joins Apple Pay party with updated iOS app

    Not one to be left out of a big event, Ticketmaster decided it was time to join in on the Apple Pay movement and has updated its app accordingly. The new feature allows for one-touch ordering and confirmation via Touch ID, and can automatically toss your digital tickets into your iOS Passbook in one seamless […]

  • Hi.Q: Improving health through knowledge, motivation, and fun

    It’s that time of year again, when we’ll start hearing about new ways of tracking our health and losing weight. While that seems to be an annual holiday trend, making true health gains involves making a long term commitment to eating right, exercising more, getting more sleep, and so on. How do you learn about […]

  • Apple loses App Store trademark appeal in Australia

    Apple was handed a setback in Australia on Wednesday when a Federal Court judge rejected Apple’s appeal as the company tries to trademark the term “app store” in the country. The news of the rejection was first reported by The Sydney Morning Herald. Apple originally applied for the “app store” trademark earlier this year, but […]