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  • Facebook Unveils Surround 360, an Open Source 360-Degree 3D Video Camera

    Taking video recording to the next level, social media giant Facebook unveiled its own 360-degree stereoscopic 3D video camera at the two-day F8 developer conference underway at Fort Mason in San Francisco, California. The company calls this new device the Facebook Surround 360, and this summer, it will give away for free both the camera’s […]

  • Facebook Login is coming to save your Apple TV from text input woes

    You won’t have to rely on that awkward on-screen keyboard much longer. The new Apple TV has earned plaudits for its cutting-edge interface, but text input isn’t exactly its specialty. Entering login information using that on-screen keyboard is cumbersome, but help is one the way from an unlikely source – Facebook. The world’s largest social […]

  • Facebook’s transformation into a mobile company is complete

    Investors are likely to be happy with Facebook’s third-quarter earnings results, which were announced this afternoon. All of the company’s most important metrics — from the number of people who use its service to how much money it makes — beat expectations. Wall Street might also appreciate something else shown in the report: Facebook’s efforts to become […]

  • Facebook debuts streaming-focused ‘music stories’

    It’s been a while since the world’s largest social network gave any attention to music, but today it’s making another attempt. Facebook introduced a new post format today called “music stories” that allows its users to listen to 30-second previews of songs their friends share from Apple Music or Spotify. People who like what they […]

  • Facebook is taking on Google Now

    Facebook has become more like Google Now after revamping notifications to make alerts more useful and personalised – in the US, at least. The social network’s apps now serve users with card-based notifications displaying sports scores, TV reminders, and important updates from their friends. There will also be optional location-specific alerts, such as the weather, […]

  • Will you like Facebook’s new emojis?

    Ian Sherr is that “Game of Thrones” is back for a new season. Ian Sherr is that it’s still not raining in California. Ian Sherr is at the antics of his nutty cat, Dia. Coming soon, Facebook will add these and three other emojis alongside its ubiquitous Like button, the thumbs-up icon that members of […]

  • Facebook is working on a 360-degree video app

    Facebook may be working on a new kind of virtual reality. The company is creating a standalone app for immersive 360-degree videos, according to areport in the Wall Street Journal. SEE ALSO: 1 billion people used Facebook in 24 hours The app, still in an early phase of development, is compatible with both iOS and […]

  • Why Facebook’s M Might Scare App Devs

    Apple and Google are longtime players in the digital-assistant game. Now Facebook wants to play, too: M, a personal assistant integrated into its Messenger app, is currently in closed beta. “It’s powered by artificial intelligence that’s trained and supervised by people,” reads the Facebook post describing the platform. “Unlike other AI-based services in the market, […]

  • Facebook gaining ground on YouTube in video ads: report

    Facebook Inc. is gaining ground on Google Inc.’s YouTube as an outlet for big companies to market their products via online videos, the fastest growing category of Internet ads, a report published on Monday said. The competition for video viewers opens up a new front in the clash between the two web giants that already […]

  • Create a Professionally Designed Facebook Timeline Banner the Easy Way

    We have posted about Facebook’s Timeline feature before. In that post, we reviewed the correct way to active the Timeline feature for your own Facebook profile. Timeline, unlike most other aspects of Facebook, is design and visually pleasing, and the banner portion of Timeline makes up for most of that design. In today’s post, we will review […]