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  • Google unveils Advr, an experimental Area 120 project for advertising in VR

    Google today is more formally taking the wraps off its internal incubator, Area 120, with the launch of a dedicated website, alongside the launch of one of the program’s more interesting projects to date: a way to advertise within VR. The new experiment, which is simply called Advr, involves a cube-like ad format which allows video […]


    A product manager at Google has sued the company for its allegedly illegal confidentiality agreements, policies and practices that among other things prohibit employees from speaking even internally about illegal conduct and dangerous product defects for fear that such statements may be used in legal discovery during litigation or sought by the government. The alleged […]

  • Google will take VR to the streets with Daydream pop-up shop in NYC

    Google is about to double down on virtual reality. Digital Trends learned that the Mountain View, California-based search giant intends to launch virtual reality-focused pop-up events in New York City and other locations around the world from October through December — presumably featuring hardware, peripherals, and software a part of its Daydream platform. We have confirmation now, […]

  • Google is spending big on its marketing campaign for the Pixel and Pixel XL

    Google’s not taking it easy in its push to market the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones — according to recent reports, the company has already spent $3.2 million in TV ads since it announced the device, and some ad executives suggest that Google will spend hundreds of millions in an effort to keep up with […]


    It’s the end of an era, folks. Shortly after launching its premium new Pixel phones, Google confirmed to The Verge that there are “no plans” to create another Nexus-branded device. The report was corroborated by the ruthless eradication of the Nexus 5X and 6P (among other devices) from the Google Store, and several tweets by […]


    After years of making killer software, Google’s next step is to try to integrate it all together into hardware that’s just as impressive. On Tuesday, Google showcased a slew of new productsaiming to replicate Apple’s success when it comes to creating an ecosystem. The high-end Pixel phones feature state-of-the-art cameras and a built-in virtual assistant. […]

  • Google’s new phones may ditch the Nexus name

    We’ve seen quite a few leaks about this year’s new Nexus phones from HTC, and today another one has surfaced that claims that the phones won’t actually be branded as Nexus devices. This year’s new Nexus phones will reportedly eschew the “Nexus” name that we’ve seen on Google’s devices ever since the Nexus One launch […]

  • Google wants to use wireless to bring gigabit Wi-Fi to more fiber customers

    Google Fiber has won accolades across the country for delivering gigabit speeds at prices that leave companies like Comcast grinding their teeth in fury as profit margins erode out from under them. One problem that Google and its rivals both face, however, is the expense of running fiber to each individual home. During Alphabet’s (Google’s […]


    Google isn’t kidding when it says it’s serious about the enterprise. The company announced a pair of new services on Monday that are aimed squarely at helping businesses access information and share it internally, similar to what Microsoft’s SharePoint product offers. A new Springboard app gives employees at companies subscribed to Google Apps for Work […]

  • Google reveals first Android N features

    We still don’t know which sweet treat it will be named after, but Android N’s latest features have been revealed in a developer preview build. Google has given the first hint of how its brand new operating system will change the look and feel of your phone and tablet. First up, we have multi-window view, a […]

  • how Google Glass 2 will look

    Despite Google’s claims that Google Glass is not dead, we’ve heard little about its future plans for the headset since it returned to the drawing board. But a patent filing from the web giant’s archives has just surfaced showing what could be an early sketch of Google Glass 2. The mystery headset appears as a malleable […]

  • Google New “Collections” Feature

    Watch out, Pinterest, you’ve got new competition. Google has now rolled out a new feature on its search engine that offers users an easy way to save to save images they find to collections they can reference at a later time. The search giant suggests you could use the feature for saving things like hairstyle examples […]