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  • Latest Technology News

    Should Energy Startups Be Funded as Charities? technology Just a few years ago, the conference rooms of the Marriott Hotel in Kendall Square, just across the street from MIT, were abuzz with venture capitalists who were going to solve climate change by funding startups with novel solar cell and biofuel … Technology-averse Amish pose challenge […]

  • Latest Iphone News

    iPhone and iPhone 3G camera comparison Image by Neven Mrgan On the left, original iPhone. On the right, iPhone 3G. Shots taken at the same exact time (left+right hand-style; nothing fancy). My hands shook unevenly, sure, but still – I actually kind of prefer the left version. Look at the 22 and the detail by […]

  • Latest Iphone & Samsung News

    Apple iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy note Image by sidduz Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Note Comparison – www.gadgetcage.com/apple-iphone-4s-vs-galaxy-note-compari… iPhone-Samsung – iPhone (Normal) Image by andyi For my Sun-Times review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Read it right here. The 3 megapixel camera on the Tab isn’t much. It seems unfair to test it […]

  • Latest Windows 8 News

    Windows 8.1 tablets vs. Amazon's Kindle Fire HD: Enterprise face-off windows 8 What about Windows — specifically, Windows 8.1 — tablets from Microsoft and third-party PC makers? Though the Softies didn't emphasize it much, there was some enterprise functionality built into Windows 8, and there's even more in Windows 8.1 … Tonido brings personal cloud […]

  • Latest Office System News

    Misys Unveils Global Back Office System Office system London-based financial software vendor Misys has launched its new Global Back Office system today at the Sibos 2013 event in Dubai. Part of Misys Capital Markets Fusion, the back-office component is intended to help firm centralize and streamline all … Government tests emergency mobile alert system Office system […]

  • Latest Western Digital News

    New WD Arkeia DA1300, DA2300 NAS Units: Mo' Data, Mo' Money Western Digital Western Digital pushed further into their small business aspirations today with the addition of two new networked storage units: the WD Arkeia DA1300 and WD Arkeia DA2300 NAS appliances. Both of these units share a more-than-passing similarity with the … Western Digital MyBook […]

  • Latest FreeBSD News

    VeriSign Embraces Open-Source FreeBSD for Diversity FreeBSD The open-source FreeBSD operating system is often in the shadow of its open-source cousin, Linux. FreeBSD is, however, a mature and stable operating system that is now quite literally at the very core foundation of what makes the Internet work. Global … Install Virtualbox on Freebsd 8.0 Image […]

  • Latest Windows Application News

    Renegade Windows App Store Pokki Lands Lenovo As Its Latest OEM Partner … windows application After securing Acer as its first major OEM deal, Pokki, an alternative Windows application marketplace and Start Button replacement, today secured Lenovo as its newest partner. The deal will see Pokki's game arcade and Start Menu shipped with Lenovo … Interiors: […]

  • Latest Windows Phone News

    More Windows Phone GDR2 updates are rolling out Windows Phone Summary: Microsoft's GDR2 update for Windows Phone 8 is rolling out more broadly. HTC 8X users on Verizon are among the latest to get the update. Mary Jo Foley. By Mary Jo Foley for All About Microsoft | August 28, 2013 — 19:16 GMT (12:16 […]

  • Latest Computer News

    How Apollo 11′s 1.024MHz guidance computer did a lot with very little computer Nearly 44 years ago computer hardware was in an entirely different place than it is now. The levels of performance don't even fit on the same scale. The anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing is upon us, and those brave space […]

  • Latest Mac OS X News

    Pwn your Mac with the best OS X keyboard shortcuts Mac OS X Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts are a quick and efficient way to execute various commands without ever needing to leave the keyboard to fiddle with a mouse or touchpad. If you master them, they're one of the few things that can make […]

  • Latest Mobile OS News

    Verizon signs on to advisory group for Ubuntu mobile OS Mobile OS The Ubuntu Touch OS won CNET Reviews' best of show award at this year's Mobile World Congress event, one of the premier showcases for smartphones and other mobile technologies. (You can read CNET's hands-on with the OS here.) Still, plaudits aside … Palm's best […]