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  • Latest NetBSD News

    NetBSD Image by hey mr glen Geek-spotting on the freeway en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netbsd In The Cloud OS Debate, OpenStack's Success Inspires Backlash NetBSD Linux's success (as you can see in my original slide deck, slide 13) meant that UNIX and other early x86 UNIX derivatives (e.g. SCO UNIX, 386BSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD) essentially “lost.” But Linux “winning” […]

  • Latest Debian News

    New Debian leader seeks more innovation within project Debian "Many very cool things happen in the Debian ecosystem, but very often outside the Debian project itself, through derivatives. Being a solid basis for many innovative derivative distributions is great, but there's no reason why innovation shouldn't … Ubuntu vs. Debian Debian Long before Ubuntu ever […]

  • Latest Iphone 5 News

    iPhone 5 Image by Gary Huston iPhone 5 wearing a Griffin Survivor Military Standard Case. Feels a bit like a brick, but boy does it feel protected! This also comes with a sturdy belt clip which I haven’t fitted. All the ports are well covered and I think I’m going to like it! iPhone 5 […]

  • Latest Symbian News

    Symbian domine le monde decembre 2011 Image by Des Geeks et des lettres Symbian domine le monde decembre 2011 via untelephone.com/systeme-exploitation-symbian-dominant Symbian new interface Image by Javier Domínguez Ferreiro Usada en Symbian tendrá nueva interfaz en 2010. Elop explains: why Nokia didn't choose Android to replace Symbian Symbian A perennial question that revolves around Nokia […]

  • Latest System Error News

    CityCycle system fails in Brisbane due to 'technical error' system error Brisbane's CityCycle stations were down for up to an hour on Friday because of ''technical issues'' under investigation to pinpoint the cause, Brisbane City Council has confirmed. Fairfax Media received complaints about a system failure, with the … System error. Restart system error The […]

  • Latest Excel News

    Notebook: Michigan targets excel at Nike Global Challenge Excel 1003311_384082055026667_115311113_n[1] WASHINGTON — Four Michigan prospects were invited to and competed in the Nike Global Challenge at Trinity University Thursday through Saturday. Two of them ended up champions, with a third a … Dashboard Series: Creating Sexy Scrolling Charts In Excel Excel Last month, I promised a […]

  • Latest Best Computer News

    Who's the Best MC? This Harvard Computer Program Will Tell You best computer The debate of ranking hip hop's elite has been a constant battle among rap fans since the inception of the genre. Often times disagreements only lead to an increased loyalty to your favorite MC and a verbal spraying of insults towards your […]

  • Latest System Error News

    Service record screw-ups: Report blames a broken system for widespread errors … system error Researchers found multiple factors are to blame for the system breakdown, ranging from user error to poorly trained officials and an unnecessarily complicated system. “Performance of Navy personnel systems as a whole is unsatisfactory, and there is a … Lubbock Power […]

  • Latest Windows Security News

    Windows 8.1 steps up security with biometrics, encryption, and more windows security Most of the attention on Windows 8.1 Preview emphasizes the many interface changes and new features. In the background, Windows 8.1 also offers a number of security enhancements that will help keep the new OS in step with changing times—how we … Windows XP […]

  • Latest IPhone Apps News

    iPhone Apps of the Week: Clipper, Potluck, and More iPhone Apps Make beautiful memories, read all the best web content, catch up with family, and watch all the videos your little heart desires. Sound like an impossible number of multitasking? Nah—not if you have this week's round of iphone apps to help you out. 3 […]

  • Q&A: What latest system software for PSP can play downloaded games?

    System Software What latest system software for PSP can play downloaded games? i have downloaded system software 5.51 for PSP and i cant play games with it what is the latest software that can put a downloaded games in it? system software best answer: Answer by DamonNonetheless, even if there is a later version that […]

  • Latest Microsoft News

    ANALYSIS: Why investors still believe in Microsoft Microsoft SHARECONNECT 46 TWEETCOMMENTEMAILMORE. SEATTLE — With global PC sales in an accelerating slump, Microsoft late Thursday missed Wall Street's earning expectations for the software giant's fiscal fourth quarter. Microsoft reported net income of …