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  • Apple made it harder for hackers to breach FaceTime and iMessage

    As a means to further secure your digital life, Apple said today that it’s adding two-step verification to FaceTimeand iMessage. That still leaves the likes of iTunes and the Apple website vulnerable to ne’er-do-wells who want to remotely access your sensitive info (and have your password), of course, but now Cupertino’s universal messagingand video chat […]

  • Vintage Mac app About boxes show just how far we’ve come

    Mac consultant, writer, and translator Riccardo Mori has a collection of vintage Macs, and he’s been putting them to good use creatinwonderful archive of About boxes whig a le trying to determine what apps are on some old CD-ROMs and floppies. About boxes, in case you’re new to the term, and those little screens that […]

  • Apple cozies up to U.S. government with increased lobbying

    With personal devices getting more powerful every day and the launch of a wearable on the horizon, Apple is reportedly ramping up its presence in Washington in order to help calm any concerns.Bloomberg reports that Tim Cook’s photo op with Orrin Hatch in December was just a small sample of Apple’s ramped-up focus on making […]

  • AT&T offering roll over data starting January 25 with a catch

    Sometimes it’s easy to think back to the glory days of unlimited data on mobile plans and mourn the loss. Light a solitary candle to place in a window in memory of watching X-Files on your phone in the park for hours without overages. Those days are largely a thing of the past on the […]

  • Video: The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh Experience CD

    On January 7, 1997, Apple announced a completely revolutionary — for the time — Mac called theTwentieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM). The US$7,499 TAM celebrated the 20th anniversary of Apple’s founding and was the first desktop Mac to use features that we now consider commonplace like an all-in-one design, a flat screen display, a trackpad, and […]

  • Disney CEO Bob Iger and Steve Jobs built a lasting partnership

    Fortune today has a great look at Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, and the initiatives he’s overseen at the Mouse since he rose to power after disastrous leadership by Michael Eisner. I was never a fan of Eisner myself, but I have loved the changes Iger has brought to the company. Inside the story there’s […]

  • Apple updates return policy in several EU countries

    Apple has adjusted its return policy in several European countries, including the UK, Germany and France. The change lets customers essentially “return” digital purchases within fourteen days of purchase. Qualifying purchases include apps, music and books from the iBookstore. According to Apple, customers can expect their refunds to show up within two weeks of the […]

  • Apple bought back $56 billion of its own stock in 2014

    Apple is no stranger to stock buybacks so its no surprise that the trend continued in the 2014 fiscal year. And how much stock did Apple buy back this year? According to a new report for FactSet, Apple spent over $56 billion buying back stock this year. That’s $36.8 billon more than IBM who took […]

  • This stunning 4K video was captured with an iPhone 6

    The iPhone 6 twins are 4K capable, but so far the apps that claim to record video in such an ultra-sharp resolution have fallen a bit short of perfection. This clip, captured with the ProCam 2 app and a steady hand, is the best iPhone 6 4K video we’ve seen yet, and it’s sitting on […]

  • This man’s jeans show the scars of multiple phone upgrades

    It wasn’t until the advent of Bendgate that iOS users in mass started to question of how the iPhone interacts with tight pants. While normally this question is asked to take into consideration the damage that might be done to the phone, but what about your pants? That question has been answered by Reddit user […]

  • Gene Munster predicts! This time, Apple television coming in 2016

    For all the fun we Apple bloggers have with Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster’s insistence that Apple’s going to come out with some sort of amazing smart TV, you have to hand it to the man for two things. First, his persistence in believing that dream and second, his ability to go public yet again […]