Q&A: How can I deny anybody from accessing my information in HD partitions by using Windows tools?

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How can I deny anybody from accessing my information in HD partitions by using Windows tools?

If its not possible by Windows tools, what is the best softaware to do the work?

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Answer by butchell
if you have windows xp, you can set passwords on the folders you do not want to be opened, you can put a password on your account, and have no other accounts. You can get tweakui and use it to hide partitions., you can get magic folders and hide whatever you want

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  1. Go in control panel and to folder settings. Check the box that makes it so advanced file sharing and permissions is on. Then right click the files and fodlers you want to hide and choose properties. Then choose the security tab. Add names of the users you want to block, and click check names and then it will add them. Then you can check the deny all access box to deny the user selected permission ffrom the files your are in properties under.

  2. There a many tool freely availabe on the net. 1 of such is “Folder lock” which have 2 level of passwords
    1 pwd is for using the software and other is unique pwd for each folder that u lock.ones a folder is locked even u can;t see the contents of the folder unless unlock it.

    by using the folder lock s/w contents are not viewed from the explorer window, since some locking s/w make it visable.

  3. What anybody… acessing your information….. If you mean using your Pc and Enjoying…. then in Xp…. there’s Really Excellent Security… Set User Account Password and also Change the way user logs on/ logs of…. to increase security……
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Turn off user accounts!
    —— Also if u mean… u want to protect ur HDD… From hackers…. then… Get Folder locker and Set Passwords.. to your Secret Folders!

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