What’s the best way to have remote users access applications on Windows 2003 Small Business Server?

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What’s the best way to have remote users access applications on Windows 2003 Small Business Server?

Windows 2003 SBS doesn’t allow Terminal Server? What’s another good way for, oh, 5 users to get into programs remotely?

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Answer by Larry A
I know SBS2003 allows remote desktop for management but I recall having problems installing applications such as office and Outlook on it.

If all the user needs is Email and Sharepoint, then enable the web features on it. (Either OWA or RPC over HTTP)

If you have some other apps that need to run then I would recommend setting up a second server (Windows Server 2003) and setting users and their applications there. If you don’t have the hardware then you can install vmware server (free nowadays) on your SBS server then install Windows Server on it. I would recommend a VPN solution (openvpn) when accessing these machines. I would not recommend PPTP (MS older built in VPN solution).

If you do not want to use a VPN and simply want people to access your Windows 2003 server as a terminal server, I would enable SSL Terminal Services as it will provide more secure access then the default remote access the is offered by remote desktop.

The link below is for vista but I think it applies to 2003 server but not XP.

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  1. Looks like Larry A and myself are bored today and hitting the same questions. As you mentioned, Small Business server is not made to be a terminal server. You will be limited to 2 remote connections at a time. Since 2003SBS server is probably running Exchange, it is not recomended to install Outlook on an Exchange server. If they have computers at the location, running XP Pro or Vista Business and no one is using them, I would use RWW (Remote Web Workplace) to access the computers and run the applications from there. There are several websites that can walk you through this setup, but Windows SBS has a wizard that will set it up for you. You will also need to open up some ports in the router. Ports 443, and 4125 and point them to your SBS server.
    The users will go to https://publicIP/remote to connect to their computer at work.
    If you don’t have extra workstations, you will have to get a Terminal server to provide remote apps.

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