International Day of Friendship Activities

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International Day of Friendship is coming up, and we have created a few beautiful new resources you can use with your class to celebrate.

Create a Garden of Friendship Flowers

This free friendship flower template can be used in so many ways. Students cut out their flower and write a characteristic of a good friend onto each petal. After colouring in their flower, students fold the petals on the dotted lines.

Use the flowers to create a Garden of Friendship display or attach each paper flower to a stick and push them into the ground to make a ‘real’ friendship garden outside!


Recipe for Friendship Activity

Another fun way to frame a conversation about social skills is to use this Recipe for Friendship activity.

The characteristics of a good friend can form the ingredients. Then you may like to ask your students what a good friendship looks like, and encourage students to use their descriptions in their recipe instructions.

The poster included in the download can be used to create a classroom display of the finished recipes.


Get the Scoop on Friendship!

Who doesn’t like ice cream!? In this Friendship Day classroom activity students write three different characteristics of a good friend onto each of the three scoops of ice cream.

Colour, cut and glue the pieces together to form the best ever friendship ice cream cone! Use the poster included in the downloadable file in a friendship themed classroom display.


Friendship Activities for Every Day of the Year

It doesn’t need to be Friendship Day to engage your class in discussions and activities about friendship. We have a great collection of teaching resources you can use to teach social skills, exploring the characteristics, behaviours and actions that impact on those around us in positive ways!

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