Corsair Has The First Keyboards With Cherry’s New Speed Switches

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Corsair has established a pretty good reputation in the world of mechanical keyboards. And they’ve just got their hands on something rather interesting, with the company announcing the world’s first keyboards with Cherry’s Speed switches.

What’s new about Cherry’s Speed switches is that the actuation time is shorter — 1.2mm compared to the standard 2mm. It doesn’t sound like much and … well, it’s really not. It’s literally 0.8mm, which isn’t a great deal of difference from Cherry’s standard Red switches.

The actuation force on the Speed switches isn’t anything special either: 45g, the same as Cherry’s Brown, Red and Silent offerings. The Speeds also have a lifespan of 50 million strokes.


The one advantage is that it won’t cost you anything extra to pick up any of Corsair’s keyboards carrying the MX Speeds. They’re available in the K70 RAPIDFIRE and the two RGB versions of the RAPIDFIRE, the K65 and K70.

Minus the colour elements, which are exclusive to the RGB models, the three keyboards all have full key rollver, a USB pass-through port, detachable wrist rests, keycap sets for MOBA and FPS games, the Corsair software suite and multimedia controls.

You can order the K65 and K70 RAPIDFIRE today from selected retailers, with larger outlets to begin selling the RAPIDFIRE models soon. A StaticICE search reveals that the K70 RAPIDFIRE is going for just over $170 locally, which isn’t too bad given its priced internationally at US$129.99.

For the K65 RGB and K70 RGB, they’re going for US$139.99 and US$169.99 respectively. Local stores are selling them for around $185 and $215 at the moment, although that might change when more of the bigger names (MSY, MWAVE, UMart, PC Case Gear etc.) have stock.

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