Dell XPS 8500 High-Performance Desktop

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Dell Desktop PC

Dell XPS 8500 High-Performance Desktop

Here’s a quick overview of Dell’s new XPS 8500 desktop that utilizes the latest Ivy Bridge processor and chipset technology from Intel. More details here: ht…
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Hardware – Dell Desktop PC
Dell Desktop PC
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Can i put an Intel Quad Core processor in my D9200 Dell desktop?

Ok, I have a Dell D9200 Desktop PC with the Intel P965 Express Chipset. I would like to put in a new intel quad core processor instead of my current 2.4ghz duo one. I am not sure if i can put one in my system though.

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Answer by Edmond K
what is the socket on your mobo???
if u have a socket 775, you can do it, if u dont u cant

Dell Power On
Dell Desktop PC
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