Ducky One RGB (Full Size) Keyboard Lands With PBT, Doubleshot Keycaps

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Sure, it’s essentially just a variation on a theme, but Ducky announced a full-size (“100%”) version of its Ducky One TKL RGB keyboard.

At this point, RGB lighting is not exactly a special feature, but this particular announcement is noteworthy because the keycaps are doubleshot PBT–which typically have opaque legends. These legends are transparent (or translucent, at least), though.

Ducky said in its announcement that the Ducky One RGB is the only keyboard that offers this feature, which is probably technically true, but it’s a misleading claim. There are other doubleshot PBT caps with see-through legends–see here, here, and here for example–but this plank from Ducky may indeed be the only keyboard on the market that ships with such caps already onboard.

It is, in any case, an attractive feature. Typically, RGB keyboards have ABS plastic caps with lasered legends. ABS is generally considered inferior plastic to PBT, and lasered legends are prone to far more wear than doubleshot legends.

These particular keycaps are made by Hardcap, a Chinese brand that uses Ducky as a distributor and partners with Varmilo.

Because we’re working from social posts and not official media materials, we aren’t sure of many of the Ducky One RGB’s specifications. We do know that the switches are Cherry MX RGB switches (although we don’t know which types) and that the keyboard enjoys the support of the Ducky Macro 2.0 configuration software. We also don’t yet know the price.

However, if we start with the specs of the TKL version as a template, we can reasonably assume that the full-size version will offer the same soldering technique, the same MCU, NKRO, 1,000Hz polling rate, and lighting effects.

The TKL versions runs about $140–there are listings on Amazon and–so presumably, the full-size Ducky One RGB will cost a bit more.

We’ve reached out to Ducky for more information.

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