Kim Komando: A few tips can help solve quirky computer problems

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Computer Tips and Help for Novices
computer tips
Image by Chris Pirillo
See the "Computer Tips and Help for Novices" video – At some point, we were all computer novices. I mean, we had to start somewhere, right? I’m lucky to have such a Technically inclined community behind me. But I want to make sure to reach out to those of you who may be beginning users, as well. This video was originally shared on by l0ckergn0me with a No license (All rights reserved) license.

Kim Komando: A few tips can help solve quirky computer problems

computer tips
In a perfect digital world, you could sit down at any computer or pick up any gadget and just use it. There wouldn't be a learning curve or workarounds. Unfortunately, that's never going to happen. With all due respect to the late Mr. Jobs, even Apple …

Smoking gun or blowing smoke? Five tips to make sure that computer forensic

computer tips
A computer forensics expert can tell if files were copied or downloaded, what websites were browsed and for how long, and whether emails were created or deleted contemporaneously with other suspicious activity. This electronic evidence is valuable, but …

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