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Monitors Released In Ukraine As Fire Kills Dozens In Odessa

Monitors Released In Ukraine As Fire Kills Dozens In Odessa. May 03, 2014 9:51 AM ET. Listen to the Story. Weekend Edition Saturday. 3 min 58 sec. Playlist; Download. International observers have been freed by pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine.

Vertical Monitor
Image by MattsMacintosh
Vertical monitor set up for news reading using an Ergotron arm.

Ergotron Arm:

28'' Asus 4K monitor has single tile, 9 price tag

Remember the PB287Q monitor Asus introduced in January? The 28" 4K display was supposed to arrive in the second quarter and sell for $ 799. Units are expected to be on shelves the week of May 12, and it turns out the price will be much lower than …

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