No More Major Windows 10 Updates, Says Microsoft

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Windows 10 Update screen displaying text that reads -Not up to date-

Windows 10 hasn’t gotten a lot of attention since Windows 11’s launch. And, while this may seem a bit overdue, Microsoft is explicitly telling users that Windows 10 is on the way out—the operating system won’t receive another major update.

From here on out, Windows 10 will only receive monthly security updates (which may or may not include bug fixes). New features or other notable changes are completely off the table. Still, you should update to the latest version of Windows 10 (2H22) for the last and latest improvements.

These security updates will be cut off on October 14th of 2025. At that point, Windows 10 will reach end of service and slowly grow vulnerable to hackers and malware. I wouldn’t be surprised by the occasional emergency security update (Microsoft pushed such an update for Windows XP in 2019), but in any case, it’s about time to abandon ship.

Unfortunately, Windows 11 has some very strict hardware requirements. Most Windows 10 PCs can’t upgrade to the new operating system. If your Windows 10 PC is incapable of updating to Windows 11, you’ll need to buy a new PC within the next few years. If possible, I suggest doing this before 2026.

I should note that enterprise versions of Windows 10 will follow a different EOS timetable than the consumer version. If you’re a business that uses Windows 10 for critical operations, now’s the time to talk with IT experts.

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