Remix OS will support 32-bit processors, new version out now

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With the desktop-centric Android variant Remix OS having been available to the public for over two weeks now, it should come as no surprise that the operating system is receiving its first update, dubbed version 2.0.1.
Though short of revolutionary, this new version of Remix OS does offer a nifty battery indicator for laptop users. More intriguing, though, is that a 32-bit version of the OS is in the works.
Presently, Remix OS can only be installed on PCs donning 64-bit processors, which limits its install base to owners of newer computers. Adding a 32-bit version to the mix could be immensely beneficial for those looking to switch their older notebooks beyond the officially unsupported Windows XP.

For those not in the know, Remix OS was designed specifically for the Remix Mini, which launched early last month. Intended as an affordable desktop alternative, Jide’s mini Android PC uniquely boasts support for nearly a million Android apps to be used in conjunction with a mouse and keyboard.
In Digital Trends’ hands-on preview, our Brad Bourque wrote that “Remix OS is what Chrome OS should be,” and I’m inclined to agree. It encompasses all of the bells and whistles expected from an Android device with window support that allows for the multitasking functionality we’ve all come to know and love on the PC.
Unfortunately, the most notable setback for Remix OS is a major letdown: it doesn’t support automatic updates. In fact, if you want this marginal 2.0.1 release, you’ll have to download it and install it on a USB flash drive as was the case with version 2.0, Liliputing reports. This means that in order to install the latest version of the operating system, you’ll need to perform a cumbersome clean install.
Luckily, you can avoid this thanks to an unofficial method mentioned by some seemingly overzealous Google Groups users. Future versions of Remix OS won’t require the complicated workaround, however, as a Jide representative has informed Liliputing that over-the-air updates will soon be available.
You can check out Remix OS version 2.0.1 for yourself here.


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