Russia Seeks To Locate Glonass Monitors in US

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Russia Seeks To Locate Glonass Monitors in US

A recent New York Times article described a Russian request to the State Department to approve U.S. locations for one or more terrestrial signal monitors for Russia's Glonass satellite navigation system, similar to America's GPS, suggesting the request …

Monitors are so 2013: Apple patents a 'desk-free' computer with smart laser

It offers a glimpse at a new face of computing that isn't shackled down by traditional monitors and which could potentially do for in-home projectors what the iPhone did for smartphones. The patent describes a featureless computer box, dubbed a “desk …

Multi-touch monitor line expands

Kontron expands the OmniView multi-touch monitor series. Courtesy: Kontron. Via the long-distance interface for DVI-D and USB, the OmniView industrial monitors can be installed at a distance of up to 30 meters, or 100 feet, from the host, which allows …

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