What is the difference between a graphics card with 1gb gddr3 ram and a 4gb gddr3 ram?

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What is the difference between a graphics card with 1gb gddr3 ram and a 4gb gddr3 ram?

i have a graphics card with 4gb gddr3 ram and the original amount of ram is 1gb… would there be higher fps with the 4gb or will there be a difference at all?

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Answer by Filenotfound
not likely at all.
Video memory is the same thing as your system memory (ram). You only need enough to cover what you are using at the time. Well even maxing BF3 (max aa/af/dx11 tessellation) at 1920×1080/1920×1200, you would only need 2GB or less. So having more then 2GB is completely useless unless you play at extreme resolutions (2560×1600) or use multi monitors.

But your graphics card is not going to be able to even make use of that memory because its a lower end card, which i obvious with the slower GDDR3 memory, as even $ 100 mid range cards use GDDR5.

So really video memory really means nothing for performance, as if the card can actually use it, it usually always comes with it. (high end cards that can make use of it, usually always have 2GB+).
One of the only cards thats is exempt is the 7850, as they made a 1GB model of that, but the 7850 can actually make use of 2GB (which 2GB is the normal model). The 1GB version of the 7850 will actually affect performance when playing at ultra settings.

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Graphics card
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A very old graphics card out of a machine I took apart.

ati firepro agp 3d graphics card
Graphics card
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ati firepro agp 3d graphics card

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