Why Mayor Bill should burn Shira

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Why Mayor Bill should burn Shira

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Indeed, a gaggle of unelected private citizens serving as monitors, advisers or whatever can only tie his hands, making it harder for the mayor himself to carry out any necessary reforms. Worse, if the NYPD is forced under judicial control, many New …

Fitness guru Michelle Bridges' positive moves

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It's a one stop shop for the fitness entrepreneur who is an interesting mix of guru, determination and fierce competitiveness coupled with daring attitude and an innate sense of self. There's a mini tradeshow, cooking demonstrations and heart monitors …

Healthy Memphis: Learn how to check your own vital signs or those of someone

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Vital signs are usually measured best when a person is at rest. Inaccurate readings are likely if the person has been rushing around, … Many electronic monitors also measure the pulse. Blood pressure can be influenced by many things, such as …

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