Deltaprintr: College student builds low-cost 3D printer

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  • 10 years ago

Deltaprintr: College student builds low-cost 3D printer

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Washington: A college student in the US has developed a simple, affordable 3D printer which costs only a third of the price of a conventional 3D printer. Shai Schechter, from Purchase College, State University of New York, developed the low-cost device …

3D Printers Help Create Art That Would Have Been Impossible Otherwise

3D Printers
Over the last year, 3D printers have proven that they are versatile enough to meet the demands of both industry and design. In fact, fashion designers have already been pushing the limits of 3D printed design with shoes and dresses. Now fine art is …

Three words sum up 3D printing in 2013: Money, money, money

3D Printers
At the same time as MakerBot was courting Stratasys, smaller 3D printing upstarts were getting some love, too — from the venture capital world. The most notable of these companies was Shapeways, the New York-based 3D printing marketplace, which …

Will 3-D printers pass the holiday shopping test?

3D Printers
A woman took a closer look at the Replicator 2 at the new MakerBot 3D printer store in Boston. According to sales associates, the stores are attracting not just architects, engineers and entrepreneurs but parents looking to enhance their kids' skills …

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