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An Education In Back-To-School Gadgets

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Got the textbooks, tablet, smartphone and backpack ready? Check. How about all the high-tech accessories that your back-to-schooler needs to stay happy and productive? If the kid is leaving town for university and, perhaps, a shared student apartment …

How to Hack-Proof Your Household Gadgets

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How to Hack-Proof Your Household Gadgets. Advertisement. Details. Description. Identity theft expert John Sileo on how consumers can protect their household devices from hackers. More Info; Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Expand Video. Date.

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Image by Ross Mayfield
For MIT Tech Review, a picture of my gadgets. Here part 4/4 of the related story, on continous computing.

11 Gadgets That Will Keep Your Smartphone Running All Day

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Smartphones can do just about anything, except last all day if you're a heavy user. That's why there's an entire industry dedicated to battery packs that will keep your gadgets going long after the internal battery dies. We put together our favorite …

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