Long-awaited BeatsX earphones finally arriving this week

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After leaving us hanging for five months, Apple’s new BeatsX headphones will finally go on sale this Friday, according to a new report.

The $150 wireless headphones will be available in white and black, as well as previously unannounced gray and blue options — although these will ship further down the line.

While I can’t find an original ship date for BeatsX, the wireless headphones were first announced way back at Apple’s September iPhone 7 keynote event. At the time, word on the street suggested that they’d be around early in November — or at least sometime in the fall — along with the wireless AirPods, which ultimately arrived just in time for Christmas.

The February launch date isn’t a total surprise, however, given that Apple’s official webpage has long described the headphones as shipping in February. This week we also reported that the earphones have begun popping up in some retail stores ahead of their official launch.

The BeatsX headphones utilize Apple’s advanced W1 wireless chip, which also powers AirPods and Beats Solo3 and Powerbeats3 models. The BeatsX headphones offer up to eight hours of battery life, although they can be juiced up for an additional two hours by way of a five-minute Fast Fuel charge via the Lightning port. They also offer an integrated microphone, more tactile and responsive RemoteTalk button, and claim to be sweat-resistant. Although, apparently, not shipping-delay-resistant.

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