New Symphony of Science Video about Black Holes

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New Symphony of Science Video about Black Holes

… defy our everyday logic, they're the ultimate endpoints of matter. But they're fun, too, which is why I'm so happy to see them as the topic of the latest Symphony of Science—music videos using autotuned scientists. This one is called “Monsters of …

Science Fair Projects: Winning Tips From Intel And Google Judges

Science fairs offer hands-on experience with the scientific process. Large ones offer their winners tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship funding. Plus, science fairs are really fun. Summer or early fall is not too early to start exploring a …

Science And GMOs Are Not The Bad Guys Here

journalists on both sides of the argument seem to have forgotten there are many ways aside from “ science” to describe the world around us, and that there are other highly effective tools out there to solve hunger and malnutrition besides genetic …

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