Soon you’ll be able to control your Volvo with your Microsoft Band 2

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Volvo is putting the Microsoft Band 2 to good use, allowing its customers to control their vehicle with the wearable device.

The feature is coming later this year in the form of an update to the Volvo on Call app, which is about to start talking to the fitness tracker.

Volvo owners will be able to set navigation, turn on the climate control system, lock the doors, flash the lights or sound the horn right from their wrist.

As is usually the case with these features, it probably won’t be any quicker than doing things the old-fashioned way – but controlling car functions from a wearable device is undeniably cool.

The ability to flash your vehicle’s lights remotely might even come in handy when you’re trying to locate it in a dark parking lot.

In any case, the update is set to roll out in the spring.

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